FreeSusan wanted a good man but a bad man, a very bad man too. Sex Pics

We try sexual healing on some elves.

.. being taken. Hard. Fast. Rough. Taken by some faceless man in an alley against the wall in the dark..." Our breathing was growing faster as I talked and I was getting hotter.

"I'd be scared and cry for it to end, but I'd never want it to... Until now, the man taking me would be covered in darkness, so I'd never see his face... But just now, I imagined it was you..."

Luc groaned and closed his eyes, swallowing. His head was thrown back and I could see his teeth clamped on his lip. "Fuck Paige, you make me want to lose my mind..."

"It was you... You pushed me against a wall in a dark alley and pulled up my skirt. You bit my neck and pulled my panties aside and then your big dick was in me, hurting me. I cried out and you just kept hammering into me. It hurt, but it was a hurt I never wanted to end..." I reached for his cock and stroked him. "This big dick hurt me so good..." I murmured and sucked him into my mouth.

Luc breathed in roughly. "Oh shit!" He pulled me away from him and rolled us so I was underneath him. We were breathing hard as his mouth met mine and he kissed passionately. It felt like hours had passed when we released each other's mouths.

Luc looked down and me and released a breath. "I thought I said it was my turn..."

"But I love to taste your dick Luc... It my favourite treat..." I moaned.

"Well, I think it's time I enjoyed mine..."

Luc dipped his finger in the tub and then rubbed the cold cream around one of my nipples. I sucked in a breath at the chill and then watched his head dip down, his warm wet mouth replacing the coldness. I moaned as he sucked and chewed me, throwing my head back and arching my back. He tortured me, bringing me to the brink and then stopping to get more ice cream.

He moved to my other breast and lightly kissed his way to my hard point. Luc was growling as he suckled on me, one of his hands pressing my ass closer to his groin. I hooked my leg over his hip and starting rocking against him, getting wetter and hotter.

"Fuck Luc, you're so good at licking my tits... Mmm, that's it..." I moaned as he flicked his tongue over my nipple faster. One of my hands went to hold his head closer to my breast, as my other one reached for the headboard, gripping it tight. I was so hot and wet. I'd never been like this before.

We were both breathing quicker as we dry humped each other. I could feel his impressive erection rubbing along my pussy, my juices coating his cock.

I moaned again as he bit me, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. Luc's hand left my ass as he scooped up some ice cream in his palm. He pulled back and coated my pussy in the cream, mixing with my own sweetness. I shivered at the coldness and at the look on his face as he crawled down my body, going towards my pussy.

I stopped breathing, waiting for the touch of his tongue and almost flew apart as I felt him run his tongue along my slit, from my clit to my asshole. "Oh shit... Shit, that feels incredible Luc... Don't stop, don't you ever fucking stop!"

He groaned and settled into bringing me to completion. He sucked and licked, nibbled and blew his hot breath over my sensitive skin. His tongue ran lazy circles around my swollen clit and he bit lightly, making my hips arch. Luc threw an arm over my stomach, holding me down.

I grabbed blindly for the headboard and bit my lip, trying to hold my orgasm off a bit longer, never wanting the pleasure to stop.

His tongue slid between my pussy lips and past my hole, down to my ass. He licked and sucked me, making me hotter and wetter than before. I'd never let anyone near my ass, but his tongue felt incredible.

"More Luc... More..."

Luc groaned and licked up to my pussy once again, finding my opening. "Yes! Oh fuck, yes!" He blew over me and then suddenly his tongue was stiff and pushing into me. I cried out just as an explosion went off on the TV. My hips started thrusting on his tongue as he fucked me with his mouth. His arm reached up and he grabbed one of my tits roughly, pinching my nipple, as his other hand left me.

I was about