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When she was done she grasped my erect cock firmly and turned, telling me to follow her as she pulled me forward and led me by the cock back into the great room. Once there she sat back on the edge of the sofa while I stood before her. Oddly, I noticed her straight posture. Everything about this woman seemed to impress me.

Telling me to step closer she grasped my balls and began rolling them around with her fingers. "This won't do," she said. "You're not tall enough. Here," she said, pushing me back and drawing the coffee table very close to her. So close in fact that she had to spread her legs a bit. With her skirt having again ridden more than midway up her thigh and with her legs slightly apart, my eyes were treated to just a glimpse of the swelling of her pussy against her white cotton panties.

The sight caused a drop of pre cum to form on the end of my cock, which Sandra saw almost immediately, saying, "Oh yes, Sara mentioned that you were a dripper." Picking my briefs off the floor she wrapped them around my cock, giving it a good pull to force out any more pre cum into them and then dropping them onto my pants. "I can't have you dripping on my floor. I'll have to do something about that. Stay put," she ordered as she walked back down the hall to her bedroom. Again I watched her swaying hips and listened to the clicking of her heels on the floor.

She soon returned holding a brightly colored scarf, a shoelace and a wrapped condom. Placing the items on the sofa, she tore open the condom wrapper and slipped the sheath over my cock, saying, "I don't mind a dripper but, as I said, not on my floor."

She sat back down on the sofa, again pulling the coffee table closer, and again giving me a brief glimpse of her panty covered pussy. And, once again, I dripped a drop of pre cum into the condom.

"Get up on the coffee table," she said. When I'd done so, she instructed me as to how far to spread my legs to lower my groin to her eye level and telling me to place my hands atop my head. "Okay, now move towards me to the edge of the table."

"Sandra," I said. But before I could say anything more she held up her hand and cut me off.

"The polite term of address when speaking to a woman who is your elder would be as Mrs. Curtis, unless told otherwise. Please refer to me by that name."

Well this was surprising. The woman who had stripped me naked, ripped the hair from my scrotum, led me through the house by my cock and had just put a condom on me didn't think we were familiar enough for first names?

I moved toward the edge of the table as instructed until my cock was in front of her face. She reached forward and with a finger bounced my dangling balls from side to side, then taking them in her hand and massaging them. "Smooth testicles are so much nicer to handle," she said as he continued her manipulation.

After some time she grasped my cock in her hand and began masturbating me. I was soon pushing into her hand doing everything I could to cum.

"You're getting close, aren't you?" she asked. I nodded and moaned. "Soon, very soon," she said. "Would you like to cum for me?" she asked.

"Oh yes, Sandra, I want to cum for you."

She stopped her masturbation and grasped my balls very firmly saying, "That's Mrs. Curtis. Please don't forget again. Understand?"

"Yes, Mrs. Curtis," I replied.

She began her stroking again and very soon I could feel the ejaculation building. Just as I was about to cum, Mrs. Curtis released my cock. Leaning back, she watched it helplessly pulsed before her face as I struggled to cum. A small quantity of cum ran from my cock into the reservoir of the condom, but the sensation was not at all satisfying.

With a satisfied smile, she lightly said, "You thought you were going to cum, didn't you? Oh poor boy, you were so close. Can't have that just yet. I haven't had the chance to fuck you."

"Oh God!" I thought, indescribably excited that this woman wanted me inside of her. The thought brought further small drops of cum from my cock.

"I'm afraid that you wouldn't