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When we finish our beers, we both stand up. We pull Cheryl up between us and move her over to the picnic table. We lay her across the table with her head on my side of the table and her ass is pointing at Russ's side of the table. I am not sure she even knows that we moved her. I take my cock, put it into her mouth, and start slowly fuck her face. She is awake enough to close her mouth and lips over my cock and suck it as I slide it in and out. Russ is behind her and he is working his cock into her pussy. I use a slow pace and enjoying the feeling of her mouth on my cock. Russ is pumping into her quick and hard and I can tell he is not going to last very long. When he cums, he pulls his cock out of her pussy and squirts his cum on her ass and lower back.

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When I finish cumming, we flip Cheryl onto her back and lay her long ways on the table. We then sat around the table and finished off a few more beers. We both play with her tits or pussy while we talked. We both agree this was the hottest thing either of us have ever done. I tell him that we need to make sure we do this this all summer long. We talk about what else we could do and even talk about getting a few more of our close friend to join in. I tell him we had better be careful when adding in others we do not want to mess up a good thing.

One of us comes up with the idea to fuck her with a bottle of beer. I down the last of my beer and place the top of the bottle at the opening of her pussy. As I work the bottle into her pussy, Russ is holding her pussy lips wide open. We are drinking Miller's and the first few inches slide in easy. Once I get to where the bottle widens I have a hard time getting more of it in her. We each take a leg and pull her legs up and apart which opens her up and the bottle slides past the neck and several more inches slide into her pussy.

I fuck her with the bottle for a while and then ask Russ if he want to try. He also fucks her a few times with the bottle and then just leaves it in her with only the bottom sticking out. I continue to play with her clit and the bottle.

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