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A sexy tale from the old Wild West.

"Will you come to our show?" asks Ralph while hugging and cuddling Cora, and she answers, "Sure, honey, together with Naomi".

The show is a success, with a group of drag queen marching at the tune of the most famous marches of John Philip Sousa, and Ralph brings the house down by wiggling his real ass and fake tits at the drumbeat of "Semper Fidelis".

Cora laughs heartily, Naomi, who has been a Marine, splits her sides with laughter, while others in the audience don't appreciate the parody, but clap at the performers anyway.

After the show they walk home, with Ralph still cross-dressed between Cora and Naomi and embracing them; Naomi tells him, "You've been really brave. It takes a lot of courage to ridicule all the patriotic myths we Americans have been raised with."

"Only an ex-Marine like you knows their true value," Cora notices, and Ralph says, "My original intent was to mock you, Naomi, but when you started laughing I realized that we shared the same opinion about militarism and botched wars. So we ended up with laughing together at the same bullshit."

"I wouldn't have chosen both of you as my partners," Cora remarks, "Hadn't you shared my opinion on some fundamental issues."

Naomi giggles, and tells Ralph, "Cora has told me that you're going to be a cross-dresser in her bed," and Ralph answers, "She likes it so much! Sorry, Naomi, I love Cora as well."

"It's the first time you say that, Ralph," Naomi notices, "Perhaps you're more than a cross-dresser, and that's why you're so appealing to Cora when you pass as a woman."

"What if I share the bed with you both tonight?" Cora asks.

Ralph says, "I'd like to, but I don't know Naomi's opinion."

Naomi replies, "I don't like threesomes, but if Cora alternates between you and me, we could do that -- by the way, you deserve a prize for amusing me tonight."

Ralph says, "Ok, let's eat something. There is a good restaurant nearby, and they won't mind my cross-dressing".

When they're at home, Cora serves Ralph first, while Naemi sits on a chair near the bed and watches them.

Ralph first undresses himself, but keeps the bra, the fake tits, the garter and the stockings; then slowly undresses Cora and after kissing her in the mouth (something that hasn't been done for several months), sucks her tits, then rims her (thoroughly washed) butt, then licks her twat and eats her clit.

After her double orgasm, Ralph's cock is really hard and can fuck Cora, which takes it in gladly, and squeals as if she couldn't have enough of it -- Naomi too is amazed at Cora's enjoyment, and can't help fondle herself while watching.

Once Ralph has come, Cora asks him to lick her twat clean, and Ralph does that, making her come again; Cora then rewards him by letting him suck her tits again.

Once Ralph is satisfied, it is Naomi's turn, who begins by licking Cora's twat and sucking her tits; then Cora sucks Naomi's tits and clit, and they agree to a 69 which leaves both satisfied and pleased.

Once they're done, they sit on Ralph's thighs and hug him; Cora remarks, "It's a pity these tits aren't real," and Naomi adds, "We could spend the whole days fondling and sucking them!"

"How about my cock?" worriedly asks Ralph, and Naomi answers, "It's just a detail," and Cora adds, "An amazing detail," while stroking it.

Then Cora says, "I've often fantasized about nursing two women at the same time; I could do that with you both, couldn't I?"

Naomi and Ralph look at each other and agree -- so it's their turn now to sit on Cora's thighs and suckle her breasts while their hands tickle her twat and Cora's hands massage Naomi and Ralph's genitalia.

Naomi and Cora easily come, Ralph holds himself back, as he's afraid to smear Naomi with semen and get her pregnant.

Naomi and Cora exchange place -- and it's Cora that tickles her husband's cock; then Ralph proposes, "If you really love my tits, why don't you suck my nipples?"

Cora welcomes the proposal, Naomi is somewhat dumbfounded,

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