FreeA young man's secret fetish is revealed. Sex Pics

Two lovers start at a restaurant, ending up in the park.

I turned on the TV, zapped through a few cooking and cellulite programs, and daytime sitcoms, not finding anything worth watching. Then I had a brilliant idea of going up to the "theater room" and surfing the 'net for naughty stuff. Hell, Gail wouldn't mind, and I didn't care about Carol at all. Armed with my beer and libido, I went upstairs, turned on the computer and started looking around.

As you might imagine, the "history" files weren't erased, and not one decent entry were there. Most of the sites that Gail surfed were fetish sites, quite a few of them sporting watersports activities. After a few minutes, my cock was hard again, and I had to do something about it. The scene on the screen were two women and a guy, one of the women pissing on the others as the guy fucked the other women from behind. Just as I started stroking my cock, I heard Gail shouting.

'Where the hell are you George? Come and get something to eat.'

I quickly shut down the computer and went downstairs. Carol and Gail were in the kitchen, just finishing some pizza. As I sat down to have a bite, Carol said she'd go, grab some beers and be back in ten minutes. As she was leaving, Gail smiled naughtily at me and asked, 'Do you want another quickie?'

I said, 'No way, I want something longer, baby. Do you think Carol will be gone soon?'

Gail frowned. 'I don't think so. She was so frustrated with her life this morning that I felt I had to do something to keep her mind away from doing something stupid.' Then her eyes brightened. 'But if you don't mind, we can take her into our, uhm, activities. If you'd like to... I've always wanted to know what it'd be like with a woman.'

I was stunned. Somehow I managed to say, 'You crazy? Sure, I'd love it..'

Gail didn't say anything. She just put a dirty foot on my crotch. Her sweaty body, sticky pussy and muddy feet were driving me crazy. The hardness had come back. As I looked down, I saw Gail unbuttoning her shorts, getting her magnificent bush into view again. Gail looked at me and said, 'I wanna get as dirty as I can. It makes me so hot.'

I smiled at her and said, 'Why don't we go into the bathroom? Carol can join us there if she wants to.'

'Where would I join you guys?'

We both turned, startled, and saw a sweaty Carol at the door. She had a sixpack in her hand, and was panting. She said, 'I just ran home, grabbed a sixpack and ran back here to make sure I wasn't missing any fun. Did I miss anything?'

Gail said, 'No, no, we were just making some plans. Did you think about what I said?'

'Yeah, and I said "what the hell", I'll try anything,' Carol answered. Obviously, I was set up from the start, but I didn't mind. Gail felt she had to explain a few things.

'You know, George, I was telling you about Carol's frustration. Actually, it was because she hadn't had any sex for a couple of months, and she's still an attractive woman. I told her about the time you were here and she wanted to join in.'

'To tell the truth, I was fingering myself as Gail was telling your story,' Carol said. 'I thought I might help you further with some more hair.' She was untying her bikini top as she was speaking. Gail was already out of her shorts, and attacking my shorts, trying to get my cock out. We were all naked in a matter of seconds, and I looked at both women, comparing their bodies. Gail had tits something like 38D, but Carols' were even larger, probably 40DD. Carol had a bit more meat on her body, around her hips. Having a darker complexion than Gail, she was even hairier, a thick bush surrounded her pubic area, ending in an arrowhead pointing to her navel. No wonder why I saw her only in one-piece swimsuits...

Both women moved towards me and Gail said, 'Carol, we were talking about going to the bathroom with George, wanna join us?'

Carol grabbed my cock and simply said, 'Let's go.'

Gail led us down the stairs to the exercise room in the basement.