FreeGwen comes to terms with herself. Sex Pics

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A Priestess, an ancient ceremony, and a chosen boy.

I'm not sure how I felt at that moment. It was not exactly upset. I mean I craved this degradation but it's moving a bit fast. Robert pulled me up and spun me around. He grabbed my throat, not a death grip but I felt his power, and asked me if I was going to get the money. I had no choice. As if this wasn't bad enough, he had one more order. He made me move my new panties to the side and expose my now soft cock.

My cock is small, but when soft, it is really small. It doesn't even hang down, it's basically a small tip pointing forward with the smallest amount of wrinkled flesh behind it. I'd be surprised if it's an inch and the diameter is about 3/4 of an inch. I'd like to say I'm a grower not a shower but when grown its way below average. But I had no choice here so I did it. But that wasn't it. He told Alice to draw and arrow pointing to my very little guy and write "can you find my tiny cock?" Robert told me go now and I better hurry.

As I was leaving he told me he was going to inspect Alice and if she had a drop of cum on her there would be consequences. He asked me if I had cum and I told him no. He said if I was lying and he got my faggot cum on him during the inspection there would be a problem.

I went to open the door to the hallway and Robert said "no boy, true da pool and courtyard." I wasn't excited about this. And I knew I wasn't allowed in the lobby like this so I would have to figure something out. As I walked through the pool I clearly attracted laughs and attention. I tried to smile and play it off that I'm a true lifestyler. But it was hard because all my perversions came from trolling the web and were acted upon behind close doors.

I knew I would have to ask someone I trust to get me the money. But I was too embarrassed to ask other guests because, well it's obvious! I was in panties and had embarrassing things written on me like the first kid to pass out in high school! I needed to get through the pool area as quick as possible.

I got through the courtyard and the pool area and found a semi-private place by the lobby to think. Then, luckily, a nice, apparently non-judgemental older gentleman walked by and struck up a conversation.

The man stopped in front of me and said "hello, how goes it?" I looked at him, smiled and shook my head a bit and responded "eh". He said, "wow, you really get into the lifestyle, you must be a pro!" I laughed and told him that I'm really enjoying this place but at his very moment I'm in a spot.

The man was about 55-60 and in good shape. Pleasant enough looking, clearly gay or at least bi. He was dressed very normally in a pair of red shorts and an island appropriate colorful patterned shirt. He was definitely interested in more than talking to me. He couldn't read the message on my back but probably figured out I was a cuck from what was written on my chest. He was stealing glimpses of my soft little cock that fell to the side like a wilted flower as I sat there.

The man sat next to me, he seemed kind. He intentionally sat very close and with his bare left leg touched and slightly rubbed my right one. He looked at me and said I think your cock is adorable! And asked what was wrong in a way to indicate he would genuinely help. I told him my situation and he kindly agreed to get 2000 dollars from the atm, no quid pro quo. He took my card and went to the lobby.

When he returned he handed me the money and the card with a smile. I thanked him profusely and said we are around for the week if he needed a favor returned. He said can I just ask you before you go, "do you like me? Because you are really my type." I told him Gently i didn't, that my sexual preference is not easily describable but I'm typically not attracted to masculine looking men, which saddened him. He seemed like a normal person that came here for excitement that he wasn't finding. I felt terrible so I made him an offer because he was so kind.

I said why don't you come back to my room and watch my wife get fucked.