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She wanted to be my married, middle-aged whore.

My conservative and shy wife was suddenly giving off a body language that was like an unintentional flirting, and he ate it up by moving his chair closer to her.

Every so often she would open her legs for his eyes, and occasionally he would put his hand on her knee while talking about his profession.

I could tell that Lynn and I were thinking about the same thing, because as soon as he turned his head to look someplace, she hit my leg with her hand.

Carolas said that the other winemaker would manage his booth for the night, and asked us if we would like to go to his suite to try some special reserve wines and bourbons he brought.

Lynn and I looked at each other, and I could tell by her face that she was interested.

I said, "That sounds great. How about if we go to our room, freshen up, change, and head toward your room?"

As we all got up to leave, Carolas gently grabbed her hand, kissed it, and said "I look forward to it" while looking directly into her eyes.

As soon as we got in the elevator, Lynn turned to me and started her hysterical rambling "Oh my God! Could you see me shaking?! I was so nervous, yet so turned on! Carolas is so sexy!"

Then she started backing out. "I can't do this honey! This is wrong. I just want to fuck the hell out of you and enjoy the tasting."

I tried getting her back on track by using a bit of reverse psychology. "That's okay babe. Going to his suite isn't our way of saying we want you to fuck him! We can't be rude and not go. He's waiting for us. Let's go with the intention of just trying what he has, and then going out?"

"Okay." She said relaxed. "Like you said, if one of us is too nervous we back off."

In the room, we cleaned up and changed into other clothes. I looked over at Lynn and noticed that she was putting on her French lace black bra and panties, and that she had her tight little black dress lined up along with her strap high heeled shoes.

"We're backing off, right?" I asked while looking at the ensemble.

"Yes." She immediately states

I said "Well if he doesn't attack you, he's either gay or blind!"

"Just to visit, try his stuff, and leave." She says but never looked me in the eyes.

When she was done she looked so good I couldn't keep my hands off of her. She looked like a top model. The dress hugged her body. It was so tight you could see her panty lines clearly through it. The top was low enough to expose half of her tits, and the flimsy lace bra helped her turned on nipples poke right through the dress.

"Hands off!" She says as she hurries to our door.

We knocked on his door. He answered and looked her up and down with this look of astonishment.

"Moi Sheri you look incredible! Good enough to eat!" He says with a smirk as he reaches for her hand.

"Behave Carolas. You're naughty!" She says as she engulfs his advances.

The tastings were unreal and so was Carolas. He was a true master of both wine and women. Within minutes, I knew what Lynn said before about backing out was a lie.

He had her so worked up I think she forgot I was there.

At one point I was still savoring a small sampling of bourbon as they went ahead to more bottles. Carolas guided her to another table in his expansive suite with his hand on her rear and she never flinched.

For the rest of our visit I noticed he not only guided her around like that but also lovingly groped and grabbed her round butt.

I decided to see just how far she would go. Carolas said he had a rare Champagne in the other room he would like her to try. I got the hint, since he didn't even look at me, and said "Honey, I'm not into that so I'll go to the restaurant downstairs and make reservations. Meet you at the bar?"

Lynn looked at me with her eyes wide open, and you could tell she was not totally okay with that but shuddered an "Okay" to me. Then she turned to Carolas as if to ask if that was okay with him.

He looked at her, and then gave me a dirty smile, and said "Sure, sure.

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