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"What are you talking about?"

- "Andrea said that you were Rob's wingman. So you had to keep me busy while they were ... you know."

- "Wait a minute - what?"

- "You're his wingman, right? And I'm her wingman. So I had to find something to do while she was ... knocking boots with Rob. She asked me to give her some privacy."

I started laughing. I couldn't help it. "Knocking boots?"

- "What?" she said. "It's just an expression." Then Lina started laughing, too.

- "Lina - can I buy you a drink?" I said.

She looked at her wrist - but she didn't wear a watch. "You don't think they're finished?"

- "Did you see what Andrea was wearing?" I said. "No - they need another hour, at least."

Lina let me take her to the bar. It was noisy, but I sat close, so that she could hear me.

"I think that we've been laboring under a bit of a delusion." I said. "Did you really think that I was just trying to distract you, while your roomie and mine were 'knocking boots'?"

She laughed, as I had intended. But she also looked me in the eye, and said. "Yeah. Weren't you?"

- "No, Lina." I said. "I was hoping ... to lure you back to my room."

She blushed very prettily.

- "Really? But you saw me wipe out. I'm a total klutz."

- "Kind, intelligent, and very, very hot." I said.

- "That's very sweet, Max. But -"

I took her hand. "Lina, let me tell you a little story. I've been Rob's wingman a few times, now -"

- "Oh? Really?" she said.

- "Yes - the point is, though, that ..." I was about to tell her far too much. Oh well. I liked her. Why not tell her the truth?

"The points is, Lina, that Rob has always picked the girls that we're going to ... approach. He's always taken the lead, and always had ... first choice."

"I got tired of that, and told him so. Rob is paying for this weekend, to make it up to me. And he also agreed to let me have first choice this time."

I let that sink in.

- "Are you saying ... that you chose me?" asked Lina.

- "Of course I did. Kind, intelligent, and very, very hot. Plus there was that incredible wipe out, that I should have been filming."

She smiled.

- "So you ... you wanted to be ... knocking boots with ... me?" said Lina. She was smiling. I think she found the whole situation quite funny.

I laughed aloud. So loud, in fact, that people at other tables turned to look.

- "Lina - you've been playing me!"

Her smile vanished instantly. "No. No -" she said. "Max - I was just being ... a good wingman. I was looking out for Andrea. I like you. I do. But ... I don't ... I don't sleep with a guy on the first date."

I took it quite well. How could I not? I held up my glass to her. "Here's to wingmen."

- "I had a good time, tonight, Max. I'm sorry that I was so ... oblivious. But .."

- "I understand, Lina."

- "Here's the thing." she said. "We had a really nice first date, tonight. Would you be willing to ... take me out, tomorrow night? It would be our second date."

- "Wild horses, Lina." I said.

- "Umm ...?

- "Wild horses couldn't drag me away. The Rolling Stones."

- "Oh. Umm ... what time do you want to be on the slopes?"

- "The very same time as you do." I said.

- "That sounds ... good." she said. And there was a world of possibilities in that last word.

I walked her back to the lodge. She kissed me on the cheek, and went into their room. I went back to our room. Rob wasn't there, but he came back ten minutes later.

- "So?" he asked.

- "She's incredible." I said.

- "Really?" Rob had taken a quick tour of our rooms. He noticed that the sheets on my bed were undisturbed. "Where did you go?"

- "Skating. Hot chocolate. A drink."

- "What?" Rob thought I was losing my mind.

- "I choose her." I said.


Rob and Andrea were a little sluggish in the morning, so Lina and I were on our third run before they had even put in an appearance. With her bulky snowsuit, Lina still looked like a chubby girl, but without the goggles - and with that huge, goofy smile - she looked fantastic.

Rob couldn't help but notice, when we saw them at the bottom of th

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