FreeAn escape attempt ends in humiliation. Sex Pics

Tim and Tina reconnect, plus their cousin Courtney calls.

After she came, Shanna pulled me up by both sides of my head and kissed me. I picked her up, wrapping two hands on her bottom and carried her to her bed.

I threw her on it and as she bounced off the mattress a third time, I had already kicked off my trainers and was unbuckling my belt. She watched eagerly, her eyes never leaving mine. As I pulled my shirt over my head and displayed my naked body to her, she was already on her knees and moving to the edge of the bed.

She called me to her and as I obeyed her command, one hand scratched at my chest and across a nipple and the other cupped my balls before fingertips teases up my shaft and she began to stroke me. Our bodies were beginning to catch fire and our mouths would pour gasoline on the inferno raging between us.

Shanna then twisted my nipple, scratching her nails over it and I moaned onto her tongue. I swear she took her thumbnail and dig it straight into my nipple and I felt her smile in delight as she was doing it.

I responded by grabbing a handful of her hair and yanked it back as far as I could. The result of my effort pulled our mouths apart. As her body arched away, I took advantage of the space between us now and I lunged against her, wrapping my lips on the under swell of a breast.

I shifted her body and my lips took possession of her nipple. I flicked the tip with my tongue and bit the slightest of touches against the side of it. Breath excitedly caught in her throat as I began to grind my teeth across the tip before taking the nipple whole.

Shanna's response was to take the nails on the hand stroking my cock and dig them into me. I stifled a moan and found I rather enjoyed the intense feeling. She scratched the length of me before wrapping the palm of her around a ball and then squeezed tightly.

I clenched down on her nipple and the faint taste of iron flecked against my tongue. Had I just drawn blood? I asked myself that and worried I had hurt her. I didn't need to worry about her. She was tough and was proving it to me even then.

The moment I was able to process nails in my ball sack and the taste of her blood in my mouth, there was a new sensation and I was rudely dislodged from her. The sting I was feeling on my right cheek was from where she slapped me.

Shanna was defiant, her eyes wide and challenging even as I retained my grasp on a handful of hair. She gritted her teeth and did she just hiss as me?

She squeezed her hand again and I felt pain all the way to my belly. The hand which had just slapped me was now in my hair, pulling and scratching, as we both seemed to try and anticipate the next move.

I made a spur of the moment decision and released her hair. I pushed her to the bed with a moderate amount of force. I watched with delight as she retreated to the head of the bed.

Our eyes never wavered and she reached for her night stand. She pulled out a tube of lube and a pair of handcuffs. She then proceeded to throw them on the bed between us and she slid to her knees and against her headboard with arms outstretched.

I regarded her shapely breasts before my eyes adored her slender waist before the gentle flare of her hips. At the center of her, hair and flesh glimmered with wet heat. God, I wanted to fuck her.

I came to the side of her bed and grabbed her arm, pulling her to me. I buried myself in her neck and slowly dipped her back to the mattress as I began to make love to her other breast, much more tenderly than I had just done to its twin.

With a hand, I reached out for the tube on the bed as I continued to pleasure her breast on her way down. She wasn't going completely quiet either. Her hands wrapped around my neck and back would massage and dig their nails into flesh alternatively.

I kissed the inner swell of her breast before I latched onto its nipple and pulled the tip tight. Shanna moaned in pure need and I caught her wrist this time as she tried to slap me. I bound it to her body and moved it to her bottom where I made her touch herself.

Together we glided he