FreeShe runs into her crush without her pants. Sex Pics

A nice afternoon by the ocean.

My seemingly-too-small tee shirt fit fine as well, and my flip flops at the door now had "8" imprinted on the bottom. Sarah liked her guys small, for sure.

I entered her apartment and quickly set Felix up with food and water to last the rest of the day. Then I made my way over to her photo display. Indeed, there were some more changes in Sarah-ville, but nothing excessive. Her hair had totally finished the transition to long, dark, and gorgeous. And it was also clear that her chest had expanded somewhat. Pictures of her in a bikini showed an obvious cup-size growth. I was never into HUGE breasts, but something in the C-cup range did look better than what she had before.

It wasn't easy to tell, but it also looked like she might have put on just a little more weight. She had been what most people would call "really thin" before, but now seemed to be a little more filled out and, well, healthier looking. She looked good!

As I was getting ready to leave, I happened to glance over towards her laundry room. I felt a little bit guilty for having the idea, but I was drawn towards the folded clothes on top of the dryer. I thought maybe I could confirm some of the changes she was undergoing. Indeed, some folded bras on top of the pile had "32C" tags on them. I didn't know too much about her clothing sizes, but I was pretty sure that "C" wouldn't have been there yesterday.

I went back to my own apartment to kill time until Sarah's return that evening. I was just starting to wonder when Johny was going to wake up when I noticed a note he had left on the counter. It said that he had left early to go visit some of our other friends, and that he probably wouldn't be home until the next morning. Well, that was okay. It would make it easier to spend a little time with Sarah that night... if I could arrange it.

The day went by slowly, but finally there was a knock on my door. It was Sarah, there to tell me she had just returned. She looked a little worn out, and I asked her if she wanted to come in for a bit. I offered her some tea or lemonade, which she accepted, and we sat and talked for a few minutes. She gave me a brief update on her trip. She definitely paid no attention to any of the physical changes that either of us had undergone.

"Well, I really should get back over and see Felix," she said.

"I took good care of him. He should have no complaints!"

She giggled, "I knew I could count on you."

It was time to see how she was feeling about me... had any mental changes happened with her yet? So, I asked her, "Would you like to go get some dinner after you check on him?"

"Thanks, but no. I'm pretty worn out. Sorry."

Well, I guess that answered that. Whatever mental changes were going to occur still required more physical changes in me. I was, however, able to confirm that her chest was bigger than before, and that she had put a few pounds on where she needed them. Nobody would be calling her "anorexic" anymore.

We said goodbye and gave a quick hug, no differently than we ever had, and she headed home. I was a bit disappointed, but I figured tomorrow would see some bigger changes.

I would not be wrong.

* * * * *


As I was waking up, I started to take stock of my bodily features. I still felt about the same, and my now-blonde hair didn't seem to have gotten any longer than the day before. It still seemed to come down to about my shoulders. I wandered over to the mirror to confirm my guesses, and was surprised when I looked at my face. It was still me, but it was a softer and more, well, feminine me. I mean, if I had seen some anonymous person who looked like me out on the street, I would have thought for sure that she was a gal. Especially in combination with the long blonde hair, I could easily pass for a gal now.

It also occurred to me that my face didn't require its usual morning shave.