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To the world it may be henious but for him it was pure.


"What is tad ... pole?" Nahl'een asked.

"It's a little frog," her grandmother smiled, "A baby frog just like you, they even have a tail. They're always in the water."

"Not tadpole," the little girl laughed, but then she stopped and grew a sly little grin. "If I am tadpole, then Gramma and Dahl are frogs!" she laughed, "Big frogs!" Her squealing laughter was infectious, though the squeals hurt a little.

"I want to talk with your father," her grandmother said as she kissed the little face in front of her, "You play with the boat that I brought you, alright? We'll watch from the beach."

Nahl'een nodded and pushed the little toy along in the water. Dahlgren wondered how it would brave the waves, but he guessed that it wouldn't sink right away.

Ny'Zeille Runei turned and began to walk out, a very wet and still very beautiful female. She sat down on the towel that she'd brought and her tail curled on the sand behind her as she regarded her son.

"I was told that you have met the girl," she said, "You spoke of it in your prayers."

He nodded as he watched his daughter play, "Yes. It was a bit of an adventure. Though it began rather well, it didn't end that way. I didn't know that she was the one from the family at the farm. I only thought of that later."

He smiled as he looked down at a pebble on the sand. "She stole my horse - twice. I helped her when I saw that she was in danger of freezing, and I slept with her, though not in the usual way, I suppose."

His mother looked at him. She was very proud of her son. Given what he was - what his heritage had dealt to him, he'd made more than the best of it, seeking the faith and returning to Earth to take up the mantle of the Ranger - the only one on this world.

By likely any female's standards, he was very attractive when he took his human shape, and that was not something that could be changed any more than his natural shape could be. And in that shape, she knew that here were many females who would want one such as him for a male as well, demons, mostly, and more than a few who were like him, some of both.

She smiled a little, knowing that there were likely many human females who wouldn't pass him by without at least a longing look - even in his natural form. She just knew that they wouldn't do that in public, most of them, anyway.

He was her only child and she doted on him at least a little, though she did try very hard to hide it. But he was alone here, and it bothered her somewhat. Somehow, he'd even found a way to give her a grandchild, a wonderful little girl who, though she had such huge troubles in her past and her beginning, had found ways to deal with it - just as soon as her little arms had wound themselves around his strong neck and the tiny tendrils of her love had entwined and ensnared his great heart. She sometimes wondered which of them had managed what, since it quite obviously went both ways. It didn't matter, she supposed.

She remembered the first time that she'd laid eyes on Nahl'een. Such a sad little thing, and so nervous and fearful out having lived the first few years of her life as almost an animal. A feral little thing, she'd been then. She only knew one word and it was 'Dahl'. It had taken a half an hour to teach her that she had a name now, and that it was Nahl'een. Her speech was non-existent then, but you'd almost never know it now. She was still behind, but she made up for that with her effort and the speed at which she learned most things, once they'd been shown or explained to her. She was catching up quickly, and had become a little chatterbox. Which was just the thing that the place needed, Ny'Zeille decided.

The Ranger now had a daughter, and the Great Ones had accepted that she was a part of his life and allowed him that.

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