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Horny gals do Daddy and his old friends.

..I had thought about it a time or two.

I was about to order one last Corona when Kory grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bar stool. "Let's go." He said. When Kory pulled you anywhere, it was hard to say no. "I'm gonna get you loosened up tonight." He said. He pulled out his cell and punched numbers. One thing about Kory. He never put the phone to his ear. "Ain't gonna get a brain tumor." He told me once. The result was that I always heard his conversations since he always put his phone on "speaker."

After the opening pleasantries, Kory said "Tina, listen. I'm bringing Andrew with me. You think you can get a bunny hop set up for him?" I heard Asian giggling on the other end. "Kory you such a bad boy. Maybe your friend no want bunny hop." And I'm thinking to myself, "Yeah, I think I do!" even though I had no fucking clue what a bunny hop could be. Kory was reading my mind. "Yeah, he does. Set it up please. He's in room 828. Make sure that Rain is in the mix." I looked up. Not a cloud in the sky. I just shook my head. I remember thinking that this was going to be an interesting evening.

We traveled slowly back to the hotel. It was about a twenty minute walk. When we walked in the lobby, Kory again pulled out his phone, but this time he was texting. He responded, waited a moment and then read her apparent response. "Okay, everything is ready." He smiled. "I think that you are going to like this. At least I hope so." He scratched his head in thought. "There will be some ladies in your room. Don't worry, they are friends of mine. Nothing will happen that you don't want to happen. Just remember that they have a very different culture than ours. In their culture, men are always taken care of. It's just their way. Don't argue with them. If you don't want something to happen, just tell them no very firmly. Otherwise follow their lead."

To say I was feeling overwhelmed was a massive understatement. The only experience that I had with more than one woman was in college when I fucked a coed and her mother after we all got drunk one night. It seemed like it took forever for the elevator to get to the eighth floor.

"Enjoy yourself, bud. This one is on me." He said as the elevator doors closed.

I walked down to my room and with a shaking hand waved the electronic key above the door sensor. As I opened the door I was hit with a wave of electronic dance music. As I entered into the bedroom suite, I was greeted with the sight of two tiny Chinese ladies jumping and dancing on the king sized bed. A third lady was making drinks over in the corner of the room.

One of the ladies jumping on the bed saw me and squealed "Andeeee you here!" She jumped off the bed and I caught her in mid-flight. "You handsome man!" she squealed again. She said something else but it was impossible to hear above the pumping music. The second jumping lady stepped off the bed and walked over and shook my hand. She didn't say anything. Now that I think about it I don't think that she said a word all night.

Squealing lady talked enough for all three of them. "My name Helen, and this my friend Boo." She said putting the quiet one in a headlock. They looked like they could have been sisters. Both were about five feet tall with long, shiny black hair. Both were wearing white blouses and short schoolgirl skirts. The only difference was their shoes. Helen was wearing platform sole Chuck Taylors and Boo was wearing silver moon boots. "She Rain" Helen said, pointing over her shoulder at the lady in the corner.

So now it made sense.

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