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Jenn offers me a job, with great benefits.

In spite of the tireless efforts of the WASPs, Blacks, Latinos and Asians are working really hard to increase their numbers and improve their lives through education, professional success and home ownership.

Gentrification, the process through which rich White corporations remove minorities from their neighborhoods is like the desperate, last-ditch effort of a drowning man to save himself when there's a five-ton anchor dragging him to the bottom of the ocean. It's somewhere between brave and pathetic, depending on who's watching. Basically, it's too little, too late. It doesn't matter that the rich White corporations are removing the Blacks, Asians, Latinos and other non-Whites from their communities by buying up their foreclosed houses and replacing them with White-oriented housing complexes, condos and the like. It's not going to slow the African-American, Asian and Latino populations from growing and multiplying. And eventually their numbers will enable them to supplant the WASPs who've ruled over America like demigods and demigoddesses for centuries. It's simple mathematics, folks. For the first time in ages, White families are showing extremely low growth. Right now, Whites make up a little over two hundred million out of the three hundred million plus people living in the United States of America. But their numbers are falling drastically rather than increasing.

In the year 2008, one out of two new Americans, whether by birth or by immigration, were Hispanic-Americans. No one knows why but White Americans simply aren't making more of themselves anymore. My folks and I moved to the town of Brockton in 2000. When my family and I moved into our White hilltop mansion on Bash Street, we were one of two Black families on our street. The rest of the residents were the ever-annoying WASPs. The Americans of yesterday. They looked at us funny as we moved in. Those pink-skinned and blue-eyed White men and White women with the phony smiles and nervous laughs. And we smiled right back, knowing exactly what they were thinking. Today, there are four Black families living on that wealthy street. Along with a Puerto Rican family and a Chinese family. And you know what? We own the nicest houses, and the priciest ones with the big yards and the swimming pools. And there's nothing the WASPs can do about it. They can buzz among themselves but that's it.

White people are never happy to see Blacks moving into their neighborhoods. They think we make property values go down. They think we increase the rates of crime. They really wish we weren't there, but most of the time, there's very little they can do. We're not as helpless as we were in ages past. Today's Black men and Black women are smart, educated, ambitious and ruthlessly determined to succeed. We are more than capable of graduating from the wealthy White colleges and universities and taking the lead in the wealthy White corporations. We're making money. We're gathering power. We're creating more opportunities for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. And we stick together.

They try to force us out of the Black, Asian and Hispanic neighborhoods. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Those of us battling anti-minority and White-driven Gentrification fight tooth and nail. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. The moment many Blacks, Asians and Latinos move into town, the Whites get angry and terrified. They almost inevitably move. We can coexist. They don't want to. They're the ones who are racist, not us. A Black person can adapt and even do well in a majority White environment if he or she is smart, prepared, and given a fair chance. White people hate majority Black environments. They either try to force the Blacks out, or they themselves flee elsewhere. When the United States of America becomes a mostly Black, Asian, Hispanic and essentially non-White country, I think many White people will flee to Europe.

Many Blacks have done well in majority White establishments and environments.