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I could feel tears leaking from my eyes, but this only seemed to turn him on more and he guided my mouth back and forth on his cock even faster, reaching down to grope my breasts with his other hand as he did so. Master Hawkes stood up and chuckled at me, moving towards the door. "I'll leave you to it, Mr. Bauer. Remember, no permanent marks, but otherwise do what you want with the little cunt."

I moaned in fear as the door closed behind him, staring up at the cruel face of my boss as he fucked my mouth. Despite my disgust, my pussy was still wet from Master Hawke's earlier touches, and the feel of a cock in my mouth was turning me on. I whimpered when Mr. Bauer finally pulled his cock from my mouth and let go of my hair, using both hands to roughly squeeze and manipulate my breasts. He pulled on my nipples before letting go and shoving my head down towards the carpet.

"Get your ass up in the air, slut. I want to fuck that tight little pussy of yours." I began to cry as I lowered my face to the floor and lifted my hips, exposing my asshole and dripping pussy. He stepped behind me and lined his cock up before shoving into me in one thrust, making me groan as my breasts rubbed against the carpet. He slapped my ass and began to fuck me, hard, leaning over my back and growling into my ear as he did so.

"You filthy little cunt, you're wet for me. I knew you were the sort of girl who liked to be fucked like a whore, and now I'm going to show you just how much of a slut you are. All those years you acted like the ice princess, too good to let me take you on a date, and now you're going to do whatever I want."

His thrusts got faster and my nipples began to burn as they were rubbed back and forth across the carpet. He reached under me and grasped them, twisting and pinching cruelly and I screamed, bucking against him in an effort to relieve the pain in my poor nubs. He laughed, pinching harder and slammed his dick into me with greater force. "Oh yeah, you love having your tits abused, don't you? Your cunt just grabs my cock when I pinch your sweet little titties, and I know you're going to come like a whore."

I moaned at his words, knowing that he was right. My pussy was gripping his cock, just like he said, and I could feel an orgasm building as he fucked me. I began to pant, trying to hold my body still when all I wanted was to push back against his rough thrusts, and he let go of my breasts and grabbed my hair with one hand, hauling my head back and using it to pull me back onto his cock as he pummeled my throbbing pussy. He began to spank my ass with his other hand, punctuating each thrust with a loud smack and I began to wail, my orgasm approaching, washing over me even as I fought against it. I couldn't come for this man, I just couldn't!

Just as I was about to launch into a screaming orgasm, he pulled out of my pussy and with a yell he shot his load all over my ass and back. He held onto my hair as he did it, forcing my neck back further and calling me a filthy little whore as his come splattered all over me. He finally let me go and I slumped to the floor, ass still raised, pussy still desperately grasping at nothing while I moaned my frustration and need. He stepped around in front of me and pulled me upwards again, presenting me with his slimy cock.

"Clean it off, slut.