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Izamar falls for her new housemate.

I shivered and realized I'd started to gently rock against him. I was ashamed that I was doing it, but I was a lost cause. My mind was giving in to the urges and demands of my body, letting it take control. I had no fight left. I just needed to cum.

"Please, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, please, you fucking bastard!" I moaned in frustration, "Please, make me cum!"

"Good girl," I heard him laugh. Then I felt him. His cock plunged deep inside me.

"Oohh yes! Yeesss! Ughn!!" My mouth open in a cry of ecstasy as I cried out in pleasure, and at the feeling of being filled, "I'm such a fucking slut!"

"That's right!" Richard grunted, "You're my slut! This tight little cunt belongs to me!"

As he spoke, his words hit me and I realized he was right. Here I was begging a man who is not only forcing me to take his cock, but a man who has done this multiple times, a man who obviously knows exactly how much of a slut I really am. Even I had no idea.

Richard continued his assault on my tight cunt, pounding me deep and hard with his fat cock. I was moaning and bucking beneath him, his body weight still pinning me face down to my bed as I writhed in pleasure from the pounding he was giving me.

"Uhgn uhgn uhgn, yes! Please, don't stop! You're gonna make me cum!" I panted, "I'm a slut, I'm a whore, I'm your slut, use my body and just fuck me! Just fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!"

My entire body stiffened as my orgasm tore through me. I was lost in complete orgasmic bliss, I saw spots and my vision became dark and narrow. Richard was pulling my hips back into him, grunting and panting. The sounds of our bodies slapping and the lewd squishing from his cock pistoning in and out of my soaked cunt filled my ears.

"Oooh, yeah, ugh cum ugh for me ugh slut. That's right, cum on this big dick," Richard grunted through gritted teeth behind me, "Oh fuck yeah, this is my cunt, you're my slut, my fucking slut. You need this cock don't you?"

"Yes, uuhgn I need it, uhgn I need it, uhgn I need it," I babbled as he pounded me, my whole body shuddering and convulsing as I came hard on Richard's cock, "I'm cumming, Richard! Oh God! I'm cumming on your big dick! Don't stop! Please!"

I went limp as suddenly as I tensed up when my orgasm crashed into me. Spent and seeing stars, my ass still lifted as Richard pumped away. His hard cock throbbing inside of me.

"Oh fuuuck, I'm gonna cum, slut!" Richard bellowed, "I'm gonna fucking ahhh flood this tight cunt with my cum!"

All I could do is whimper and shudder beneath him as he used me. The aftershocks of the orgasm and the pleasure surging through me from Richard's cock was too much. I could feel his cock throbbing and swelling inside me.

"Ahhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Richard moaned, "Ugn ugn ugn fuck yessssss!"

I could feel the hot splashes of cum inside me as my cunt spasmed and milked every drop of cum from his cock. Richard kept pumping until he was completely spent, then finally collapsing on me. I laid under him panting, trying to catch my breath. The weight of his body on top of mine made it difficult.

I must have passed out, because when I opened my eyes I was on my back, looking up at the ceiling of my bedroom. I tried to sit up and realized I couldn't move. After a split second of panic, I noticed I was tied to my bed with a soft satin rope. I looked around my room and saw Richard standing at the side of my bed, his cock hard and menacing in his right hand. He was stroking himself, slowly looking down at my tits.

"Finally awake," Richard said, still stroking his hard cock, "Good, I was hoping I wouldn't have to start without you."

As he said it, he moved closer to me and leaned his face over my chest and reached down with his free hand to roughly grope and squeeze my tits.

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