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She took pleasure in distressing me, pinning my folded dick against the roof of her mouth, I sheepishly admit I kind of liked it too, not the pain part but the being helpless to stop it and another relishing to control of my dick.

I strained to not let it turn me on so much, but my penis betrayed me, obviously loving the feel. She giggled with her mouth full of my dick. Then I felt a warmth on my wrists, my hand are outstretched, palms facing up. The restraints were part-way up my forearm with my wrists and hands extended off the torture table. Right now, two of the other ladies were straddling my wrists holding my hand with theirs they proceeded to finger themselves with my hands. OMfuckingG. I was getting it from all sides.

Cougar wanted to try out the mouth trap I was adorned with. Positioned her juicy pussy over my face, laying her wet warm lips on my mouth, demanding I lick her, pleasure her. I am forced to obey, sticking my tongue out as far as I can, licking her lips first then entering and searching for her clit. The girsl fingering themselves with me were using different techniques, one had gone straight to fingering her, already wet with excitement, the other was using my fingers to pinch and tease her clit. Then I felt another warm body swallow up my big toe, Cougar said, "oh that's just Laurie, she loves ass stuff, how does her anus feel? I was disgusted but unable to protect myself form their advances. I focussed my attention on pleasuring Cougar to bury my mind in her cunt.

BBW had her fair share, 2 mins were up. She releasing my pinned suffering dick at the becon of moderator Cougar, offering it to the next, the oldest of the bunch. Gran crawled up my chest, whispering in my ear that I was gonna be gummed to death - her 'thing' was chewing, be it with or without her dentures. I had no idea what to expect, but it did feel good! She took my cock into her toothless mouth biting hard down on my almost fully hard dick, it was hard but soft at the same time, she pulled my dick through her clenched jaw, leaving barely parting her mouth to make my dick flatten to squeeze like an octopus through a too-small opening. She spent the whole 2 mins doing just that, I actually thought she was going to roughly milk my cum out but the stimulation from all sides was kind of blinding, not letting me focus too much on one persona's abuse.

I managed to get Cougar off, who was audibly pleased with my tongue-work, especially under the restricting conditions. "mmmmmm, good slaveboy!" My dick was being handled but another now, passed around like a cigar, I had absolutely no say in what happens to it. Now Cougar wanted some alone time. She sent everyone away, and talked dirty to me, stroking my hair, curious where to start. The sound of vehicles trailed away and then just silence. I begged her to set me free, I wouldn't say a word to anyone. She told me to forget the outside world. My job now was to be their slave, that's it. Every day I would be visited by one of the ladies and used and abused however she liked for up to 20 hours. I was permitted rest for only 4 hours a day. Surely they wouldn't use me that whole time...hopefully?

To make sure I wasn't going to enjoy Cougars pussy too much she wrapped a noose around the base of my shaft, then around the balls and wrapped around the shaft again, so tight it hurt.