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Anything that hot had to be on fire. She was whimpering and moaning into my mouth and breathing noisily through her nose.

She broke the kiss as her hips gave little jerks against my leg, her knee brushing my manhood. I was close to being totally out of control. I grabbed her ass, stood up to take two steps, and laid her down on the bed with me on top. She moaned loudly and kissed me harder.

I rolled to the side to take my weight off her and my hand found her breast. She shivered and then shook as my fingers glided lightly over her skin, tracing the surface of the warm sensitive globe. When I flicked the nipple with a fingertip she gasped loudly and broke the kiss.

"Oh please don't. Not yet. I'm very close to coming and I'm not ready yet." She said in a rushed whisper.

I moved my hand to her side and rolled over even more to my side, propping my head up with my hand. I smiled down at her and then let my eyes drop even father to look at her breasts. "Beautiful, just beautiful." I whispered.

She shivered and then sighed. "I've dreamed of you saying just that."

"They are even more beautiful than in my dreams."

Her hand pulled me down to start a new even sweeter kiss. I left her breast alone and concentrated on kissing her. I used my tongue to trace her lips and my teeth to nibble on them between deep searing French kisses. We were both lost in another world.

Her hand fumbling with the buttons of my shirt drew me back to the present and I helped her get my shirt off. Her hand gliding over my skin made it tingle and burn with a fire I had never felt. Danielle wasn't the only virgin on this bed.

I had had some heavy petting sessions and a few oral encounters but none had effected me like this. Her fingers brushing my nipples caused me to shiver much as she had. My body wanted to rush but luckily my mind held fast because it knew better. It wanted to savor the moments and make sure we both enjoyed everything there was to enjoy.

I broke our kiss and slowly sat up. My head was swimming a little as I smiled down at Danielle. I took a deep shuddery breath and blew it out slowly. She smiled up at me and nodded. Without a word, I knew she knew how I felt. In that moment, my feelings for her changed from lust to love.

"Let's look at your pictures. We need to take things slow and easy." I told her as I got off the bed.

She watched me move shakily over to the chair and sit down. Still smiling she lifted her hips, slipped the sweat pants down over her hips, and then took them off. I watched as she did and licked my lips as her sweet pussy came into view and I got flashes of it as she raised and moved her legs.

Naked, she got off the bed and came over to sit straddling my right leg with her back to me. The heat of her sex on my leg was burning hot. I reached around her waist with my right hand and clicked the mouse on the first thumbnail. It was she on the Papa-san chair just like she had been when I first came into her room.

I felt her shiver on my leg and I moved my hand to her waist and rested it on her flat tummy. "I love this picture. It's so hot and horny. I had never thought of myself that way until I took these pictures." She whispered.

"You've always been that way to me. That cheerleader outfit used to blow my mind and the one time I saw you in a bikini, I nearly lost it right then and there."

She turned and smiled at me. "I remember that day. You wore baggy shorts and a big oversized tee shirt. My mind was working overtime trying to figure out what you really looked like under all those clothes."

"My normal tall, lanky, skinny self. I hate my body and always have."

She turned more and ran her hand over my chest. "There's nothing wrong with what I see and feel. You're built more like a swimmer than a football player but there's nothing wrong with that. In fact I like what I see very much."

As we kissed, her hand dropped to my lap and ran lightly over the bulge in my pants.

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