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The waiting and planning for the event.

These guys where all in a wham-bam-thank you mama mood. I knew I was being watched and I knew that I was to act like a woman that could not get enough cock. I said, "You boys ever did a double or triple play?" 4 of the 8 said yes. I said, "I ain't finished, I need more fucking, I need to double fucked, anyone game?" One person said "I got bottom" and he rolled all the balls into the pool pockets then got on the table with his pants off. I got up on top of him and straddling him I aimed his cock inside my cunt. I moaned as I came down taking it to the very bottom. Once I had him all the way in me I said. "Come on, I need one of you in my ass."

Another person dropped his pants and got up with us, I felt him adjust his legs until he could insert himself into my asshole. I felt him begin to enter and said "Slow, do it slow, treat me right and I'll give you the ride of your life." he did, he pushed in very slowly and once inside we all began to move. My tits where bouncing back and fourth as we all moved. I said, "more, I need more, I need a cock to suck, some one please give me a cock to suck." Another person got on the table with us and he stood up in front of me. I took him in my mouth and I began to bounce up and down as I gulped the cock in my mouth down my throat.

I rode them all right; I rode them until I lost myself to my won pleasure. I climaxed before any of them and as I was finishing mine, the guy under me came first of the three men, then the guy in my mouth and the guy in my ass last. They all came about the same time, just a second, or two apart. The person in my mouth pulled away first and that allowed me to beg some more. The person behind me pulled out and I got up from the man under me. I kept saying over and over. "I need more cock, I want more cock, come on boys, come fuck me, fuck me please."

I know I started saying that for the money at first, but right now I really meant it, I wanted more, I wanted to get that feeling again. I wanted to feel my holes stuffed full and I wanted to be full of sperm when I got home tonight, I had plans for my husband, and I needed more sperm. I really begged and begged. Another three men got up on the table with me and we repeated the triple fuck. I went crazy with my desire to feel crammed full of cock. I was begging so much that we did it two more times. We had just finished the last time when the man that met me at the door came into the room and said "madam, it is 9 PM your car is waiting." I knew that was my queue to leave. I got of the table and I gripped my kagel muscles tight to hold as much sperm in me as possible.

I was dripping from both holes and it was only then that I remembered that I was not to do any anal. When I remembered that I just knew I blew it. In all the sex I had not taken off my skirt, it was up around my waist. My blouse had been unbuttoned, but instead of re-buttoning it, I just gave it a quick tie. The man who escorted me in held out his arm for me to grab and escorted me to the door. I walked slowly and as I did I relaxed my muscles a little and I swear I heard splats as we walked. I turned around to look back and I could see the gobs of sperm that had dripped out of me on to the floor. The man handed me an envelope and said "Madam, I have been asked to invite you back tomorrow night. The master is very pleased with you and your unusual needs, my I tell him you will return tomorrow evening?"

I said "Yes, I would be happy to return tomorrow, would you please tell your Master that I need men that are hung, I love men with great big dicks.

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