Teacher's slide into debauchery reaches new heights. Porn Video

Finding happiness when unhappiness is the Norm.

His hands started roughly squeezing my breasts through my dress. He squeezed them so hard I cried out in pain. "What's your answer Mrs. Prim? " He said as he again began to squeeze my breasts . I tried to squirm away from his hands only to feel his hard thick cock rubbing up against my cunt. "Say you are my office slut! You'll do whatever I ask as my office slut."

It'd been so long since my cunt had felt an erect cock against it. I let a deep moan in response to the dance of seduction that was being played on my cunt. It'd been so long since any man has touched me. My hunger to be sexually satisfied took over. It didn't matter what it'd cost me being the office slut. It was like my hungry sexuality had been awakened by a hard thick cock kissing my cunt over and over.

"I'm your office slut, " I moaned ," I'll do anything for you as your office slut."

Alex quickly released me and got off of me. He pulled me up off his desk. He stared at me with great disdain.

"Lose the church lady look . Get out of those clothes now. I want to see what those clothes have been covering up," he ordered.

I blushed in humiliation as I took off the long conservative dress that covered up my body so well. The lace on my beige slip cling to my full round 38 c breasts . My nipples were erect and hard pressing up against my lacy slip and bra. I slipped out of my slip letting it pool at my feet. My beige lacy bra and panties emphasized my golden skintones.

Alex couldn't believe his good fortune. Mrs. Prim had a sexy body that reminded him of Marilyn Monroe. He could see her round full nipples through her bra. He looked down to see dark red hairs curling out from her lacy panties. He felt his cock harden in response to all that he saw.

Alex Chandler phoned his secretary," Send in Mr. Price and clear my day. You can go home after that, Miss Hyde."

I groaned as I remembered what Mr. Price looked like. He wore his long black hair greased back in a ponytail. He looked like a cheap hood. No one would figure him to be a multi millionaire. His beak like nose and ferret looking eyes made my skin crawl . The thought of him touching me made sick at my stomach.

"Is this the hot horny emailer? Wonder if she fucks and sucks as good as she writes," Mr. Price leered at me. I felt his eyes devouring my body like it was his to do with as he pleased.

"Let's see if she is as good as writes, "Alex Chandler said ,"Jason , get comfortable and let the slut do a lap dance for you."

I watched in disbelief as I saw Jason Price strip out of his clothes. He was the hairiest man I had ever seen. Black hair covered every inch of his body. The thought of my body rubbing up against all that hair repulsed me.

I swallowed hard as I began my lap dance. Jason Price took my bra off exposing my breasts . His hands began to pinch and pull on my nipples.

His hands traveled down to my panties and he ripped them off.

I felt his hairy balls as I rubbed his hard cock up and down with my ass. I hated feeling his hairy body against me. His hairs began to stick to my back as he got more excited and sweaty.

"Baby, keep doing it . Uh, uh , uhhhh. Gonna shoot my wad on your sexy round ass," Jason Price grunted and groaned while he pinched my nipples unmercifully .

"Uh, uh, uh , uh, uh , uhhhh," Jason grunted loudly into my ear as his hot cum shoot onto my back and ass.

I felt his thick hot cum slither down my back into my ass. He pushed me roughly off his lap onto the floor. He slapped his limp cum soaked cock against my cheeks.

"Lick it clean, slut. Show me how good you are with that mouth of yours," he said.

I got down on my hands and knees . I started to lick off our juices when I smelled his musky male scent as I licked his hairy balls. It excited me so much I started to cum.

I felt a thick hard cock plunging into my wet hot pussy. Alex pulled me up by dark red hair . He started pulling on my already bruised nipples. I moaned out part in pain and in pleasure.

"Jason, suck on the slut's clit and milk her pussy good while

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