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Coming home after 1 year abroad, Jim is on over his head.

But he merely pushed her up until she felt herself easily coming down within the saddle, though the feel of leather pressing against her exposed and bare pussy wasn't exactly comfortable. He handed her a piece of cloth, and though her hands were once again bound, in front of her, she was able to take it and place it down between her legs, cushioning her self against the leather of the hard saddle.

"Is that better?"

"Yes. Thank you." Sharon said honestly.

Blindfolded as she was, Sharon lost all sense of time and direction as they rode up and down hills, switching back and forth constantly following what she could only assume were often used deer trails. She could have been riding for an hour or two hours, she had no way of knowing or being able to tell, but there was a much more nagging problem facing her. Though grateful for the small wadded up piece of cloth she'd been given, the direct contact and pressure of her pussy against the saddle was once again giving her undesired and unwanted stimulating sensations.

Sharon was getting more and more uncomfortable as they road along. It was similar to the sensation she'd once experienced as a teenager when she and her boyfriend had dry-humped themselves to orgasm together. But then, unlike now, she had worked just as hard as her boyfriend to achieve it. Here, it was something that would happen sooner or later whether she wanted it to or not.

" much farther? I really need to stop and get off this horse for a moment."

"Just a little further now," he told her. "Hang on."

Sharon wondered if she'd be able to.

Just when she was just about ready to swing herself down off the horse no matter what happened, they stopped.

"We're here. Stay there until I get off and then I'll help you down."

Sharon had been hovering on the edge of orgasm, fighting it the last little while, silently berating herself, equally surprised that she could be thinking sexual thoughts of any kind under the circumstances, and once again attributing it to the fact that she was emotionally drained as well as exhausted beyond all reason. Giddiness was obviously setting in, and unless she was careful, she'd actually start liking the two madmen who had now added abduction to their list of crimes.

"Now what? She boldly asked. Exhausted and tired as she was, she was also still angry and stubborn enough to show them she was still full of fight too. If they were going to doing something to her, she wanted to know about it so she could at least make a decision one way or the other how she was going to deal with it. Either fighting in whatever way that she could, or in some last final act of desperation that she could at least feel good about her self in having done it, regardless of what happened.

"I'm sorry...Sharon." She heard the father say. "But I'm going to need to tie you up again for a little while. We ate the last of the Rabbit yesterday, and I need to go out and check the snares to see if we've been lucky enough to have caught anything else."

"I'm not hungry!" She stated.

"Well I am!" Willy spoke up suddenly joining in. "I'm hungry...hungry, hungry, hungry!"

Once again the sound of Willy's voice, his tone and his boyish actions reminded her of someone that definitely didn't have full control of his faculties.

"How old is he anyway?" Sharon wondered.

"Willy will stay here with you while I check the traps."

"Oh God no!" Sharon began pleading hopelessly.

"He won't touch you. He won't hurt or do anything to you unless you try to get away. So just remember that!" Once again the tone of his voice had changed from one of compassion, She had thought he'd actually begun to feel something towards her, and then suddenly his tone changed to one of anger and warning.

Once again her bindings were checked to make sure she couldn't do anything or go anywhere.