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Wendy and John consummate.


"Yes, I am looking forward to it."

"Will you spend the night?"


Secretary fixed breakfast in a new nightgown she was wearing for the first time. Dan wore only his boxers. Dan dressed and kissed her one last time at the door, "You don't have to walk me to the car in broad daylight this year. Your neighbors might get ideas."

"I want to; the chill will remind me of last night just a little longer."

> > > - - < < <

Laura and Greg sprawled on the floor in front of their Christmas tree holding hands. In prior years, Greg made due with a small, plastic tabletop tree. When Laura saw it she said no immediately, and proceeded to take on Christmas decorations as her own. She had to buy everything new, but for this night the effort was well worth the time and trouble of shopping. "It's Christmas Eve darling; shall we open our gifts?" She handed Greg a small box in which he found a turquoise bracelet and ring. Laura pointed to the inscriptions: Our Love Forever -- Laura and Greg. Greg gave Laura a much larger box. "What is this, beaver?"

"Yes, I thought you should have one."

"Do you want me to stop shaving?"

"No, just wear the jacket darling; I love everything about you just the way you are."

"I've never made love with you wearing a beaver coat beside a Christmas tree."

> > > - - < < <

Dan had no spirit for decorating this holiday season. Coming home from work evoked memories he was having great difficulty coping with. Even inviting Artsy to join him did not banish his memories. She wisely backed off. Mrs. Patron called a week before Christmas, "Daniel, I think it would be nice if you spent the holidays with me. It would be good for you too; you need to get away." Any objections Dan voiced were half hearted and pro forma. Mrs. Patron had the last word. "Just pack what you need for a week and be here tomorrow after work."

Dan's suggestion that they go out for dinner was vetoed. Mrs. Patron fixed a light meal, they sat in her den after dinner listening to soft background music and talking like old friends who hadn't seen one another in years. Dan was mildly surprised to know Mrs. Patron had three holiday parties in her home in the coming week; she would be hostess and Dan host. "The house will get full as the week goes on Daniel; I hope you don't mind if I keep you to myself for this one night."

Dan gave one of the soft, but loving, kisses she had tutored him in earlier in the year. "I can't think of anyone I would rather be with tonight."

They held hands ascending stairs to the master bedroom suite, donned night clothes, and kissed their way to bed. Dan was gentle in their loving; he took his time as though they could kiss and touch everywhere forever. Their easy pace satisfied both. Neither needed a race to the peak of passion mountain. Holding Mrs. Patron in his arms afterward, Dan realized she had somehow taught him another lesson about himself and his worth as a man. A shoulder squeeze with the older woman who was his mentor in so many ways carried Dan to a restful sleep.

Mrs. Patron's friend joined them the next afternoon and the three hosted the evening party; this one for long time business friends of Mrs. Patron and her late husband. Some thought the woman had selected a boy toy when first meeting Dan; he was quickly able to change their impression when doubters found time for one-on-one conversation. Dan gave the guided tour of the sitting room where the six portraits of Dan and Artsy were on display. Dan talked mostly about LF as artist; he spoke of the emotions she tried to convey in each of the paintings.