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'Forced' to enjoy her.

It wasn't until she used her hand to hold my cock out of the way while she trimmed my ball sack that I really had to grit my teeth. When she was done I felt truly naked, but on the bright side, with my pubes gone my cock looked even bigger.

The day seemed to linger. We spent some time sitting around the kitchen island just chatting like old friends, and we also spent some time in the pool. Grandma had a fantastic breaststroke. Once out of the pool and dried she even let me rub sunscreen all over her body, of course she had to remind me that I was spending too much time applying it to her chest. With a smile I tweaked each nipple then moved on to other interesting parts of her body. By the time I was done she was a quivering mess.

For dinner grandma whipped up a couple of chef salads which we enjoyed while back at the island. It was during this time that I found out that it wasn't dad's idea that I come to visit; it was hers. Since she hadn't seen me in so long she had called dad and asked him to ask me if I'd like to come visit. But dad being dad, he had more or less made it a command instead of just asking if I'd like to. Of course I didn't let grandma know this, I just pretended that I had made the choice on my own.

"If I would've known about your little nudist club Grandma, I would have come at a different time instead of on National Nude Day," I told her apologetically.

With a sly look in her eyes she said, "Actually your being here now could be a blessing in disguise."

"How so?" I asked intrigued.

She began by explaining that every year the hostess for their National Nude Day celebration was suppose to come up with a unique idea; something that hasn't been done before. Being how this year she was the hostess she wanted to know if I'd be willing to act the part of waiter for their little group. I would be doing things like getting them drinks, maybe snacks, or, if I felt like it she said she wouldn't mind if I threw in a little flirting. Nothing outrageous, just a little petting or perhaps a little dirty talk; she said she'd leave that up to me. As I listened to what she was proposing I began to like the idea. What horny nineteen-year-old man wouldn't like to mingle with five naked women and have the freedom to rub up against them if he wanted? I told her I'd be happy to do it.

Fixing me with her beautiful blue eyes she softly said, "There's one other thing I'd like you to do, if you would."

"Anything Grandma," I told her, my eyes drifting down to her lovely soft tits.

"I'd like you to wear the shorts you had on earlier. I think it would really get the girls excited to see you in them," she said, a smile playing on her lips as her nipples began to stiffen from my gaze.

"No problem, but I have a stipulation myself. I think it would be best if none of the group knew I was your Grandson," I told her, lifting my eyes from her sweet tits.

"Why?" she asked.

I could see she was puzzled by my request, so I explained.

"If no one knows we're related then I can flirt with you too. We could pretend just like we did in the media room."

"I don't think that would work. Lizzie already knows you're my Grandson and she's got a big mouth," grandma responded, the slight sadness in her voice made me wonder if she wanted to have a repeat of earlier.

"You could always call her and see if she'd keep her yap shut," I suggested, reaching over and grazing my fingertips across one nipple.

Grandma shuddered as if she had felt a chill then went into the front room and came back with the cordless house phone.