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Katie encouraged me and pushed my head down on his cock so I had to deep throat him. I choked and gagged, but she kept doing it to me. She whispered instructions and also belittled me. "Be his bitch.... That is a real man's cock.... Focus on his pleasure you cock sucking whore..." She just basically controlled me as I brought Michael pleasure.

"He likes his slaves to swallow." With that she grabbed my head and held me impaled on his dick. Finally his dick got even firmer and he started to pump his sperm down my throat. He pumped for a while then pulled out and squirted the remaining cum on my face.

He rubbed his dick around on my face and I cleaned it for him. Katie cooed encouragement and congratulations towards me. I felt humiliated and proud at the same time. This response fascinated me. I am not gay, and would not suck a man's cock under other circumstances, but put a beautiful woman into the mix and have that woman press all the right dominance buttons and suddenly I am sucking cock. It was very humiliating, but at the same time I found myself focused not on the task, but on the person who commanded me to perform the task. I sucked the cock not to please the man, but to please the dominant woman involved. And in this case even though Katie had announced herself to be submissive to Michael, she was definitely dominant over me, thus I was proud that I had served her well by servicing him well.

She now told me to strip naked and stand with my hands intertwined behind my neck. I stripped revealing my normal sized dick that even rock hard was inches smaller then Michael's. Now she told me to masturbate while looking at her. She stood in front of me and as I stroked myself she took off her top revealing her wonderful breasts. I was close to cuming when she knelt in front of me and cupped her breasts. She invited me to squirt my cum on her breasts. I was just about to cum when Michael, spoke his first words: "stop."

I stopped stroking just before I would have ejaculated.

Katie got up. As she did she ran her finger up my cock and said: "oh so close, but now it is time to give up such pleasures for a while."

With that she reached over to the large cup of ice water she had brought with her, took the plastic top off and told me to stick my balls and cock in it.

"Slaves don't get pleasure, Michael owns your dick now and he would like it subdued until you have proven your obedience." As she told me this she continued to hold my cock in the water. It was very painful. She continued, "if you cry out Michael will be displeased." I remained silent so as to not displease him, although really I was more concerned about pleasing her. Finally my dick was a flaccid little poke of skin and she released me.

"Hands back behind your neck, slave," She commanded me. I returned to this position. "I am locking you into this chastity device and keeping the key. Your dick is off limits to you and anyone else unless Michael has given you permission, understood?" I responded that I did. She locked me up, and within this device I could not get a hard on. She then started to fondle me and kiss me and rub herself against me. I could not get hard and it hurt as my penis pushed against its constraints.

Finally Michael snapped and Katie quickly backed off and put her clothes back on. For the first time he spoke.

"I have to be leaving in 15 minutes, but you will be at my loft at 10am tomorrow where your training will continue. Enter and strip naked then walk directly to the end of the hall. Kneel in the opening, eyes to the floor and we will pick up things from there. Now turn around and invite me to fuck your ass."

I turned around, bent myself over my desk and said, "Michael please pleasure yourself by fucking me in the ass." Katie went and sat in my chair opposite me and put her legs up on the desk. I felt Michael pour some lube down my crack and then he entered me.

As Michael sodomized me, Katie sat in my office cha