FreeMiss Greene must prove she's not a cheater. Sex Pics

You never know when that break is going to come.

Kelly/Stacy had been sitting on the bed, but now she stood facing her mistress in front of the closet. She said: "Yes, Milady?"

"Stand before me, my dear; let me look at you." Then into the phone: "Oh yes, this one would definitely appeal to a pirate like you: a lovely little doe-eyed blonde just begging to be carried off and ravished."

Stacy: "Oh no, I..."

Milady: "Shh, my sweet! This man can't touch you. He has no idea where we are. You have nothing to fear...from him."

Stacy: "Yes, Milady."

Dana shot Kelly a quick grin; her friend was playing it perfectly. Then, resuming her role: "Good. Now...hmmm, what a beautiful body you have! Why don't you take off your clothes and show it to me."

"Oh, Milady, I don't know. I've never..."

Gently, so as to keep the phone in position, the vampiress brought her face to her victim's and gave her a long, passionate kiss. Her lips glided against Stacy's, then she caressed the little blonde's lips with her tongue. Stacy's mouth opened willingly, and for s few seconds the soft wet sounds of lips and tongues exploring and caressing, along with little high-pitched sighs and pants, came clearly through the connection to where the man sat listening, his cock already painfully hard and erect.

After a little time, Stacy deliberately brushed her tongue against a fang. She gave a little squeak of surprise: "Oh, Milady! Your teeth are so sharp!"

"The better to eat you with, my pet," purred the vampiress, "now, strip for me."

"Yes, Milady!" sighed her pretty victim.


Milady watched hungrily as Stacy began to undo the buttons on her blouse. "Are you still there, Lover?" she whispered into the phone.

"Yeah." Half-word; half-pant.

"She's taking off her top. She has such lovely soft skin! I wonder if it's as sweet as her mouth is. You heard us kissing?"


The vampiress giggled. "She looks so frightened and helpless," then her voice dropped, husky with arousal, "but she has the naughtiest tongue. It was just...everywhere: my lips, my tongue, my teeth..."

Kelly/Stacy smiled, licked her lips and gave her best porn star pout. Milady-refusing to break character for the moment-bared her fangs in a silent hiss. Stacy reassembled her virginal victim persona, and dropped her blouse revealing a lacy white bra.

"Oh my!" back into the phone: "her shirt is gone and...there. Such a sweet little bra: white lace with a front clasp; gone now, and her breasts look absolutely luscious! Hmmm, I think I need a closer look." Then to Stacy: "Come to me, my sweet."

Stacy approached until she was standing directly in front of her mistress, who was herself sitting on the bed. Milady drew the pad of an index finger slowly down one exposed breast until she reached the nipple. She squeezed gently, and was rewarded with a soft moan of arousal.

"Ooh, oh yes!" Back to the phone: "Being a scurvy pirate and all, I doubt if you've ever seen, let alone caressed, tits as warm and soft and," a long indrawn breath, "mmm...exquisite as these beauties I'm playing with right now." Cupping Stacy's breasts and bouncing them gently, as the pretty blonde sighed and cooed, Milady continued: "Oh, they're so pale and smooth and...perky-each one about the size of an apple-with tiny, dark pink nipples...ooh, they're getting harder as I pinch them!" Her victim's sighs became higher, and slightly louder; little shrieks of pain and pleasure as Milady's pinches became rougher.

"I want you to listen to me sucking on them. You remember my warm mouth closing around your cock? Remember how soft and wet my red lips are? Just imagine those lips suckling the most perfect pair of titties you've ever seen. And keep your hands by your side. Touch your cock, and I'll hang up, and you'll never hear from me again! Don't think I won't know if you disobey me!"

A frustrated sigh over the line; then: "Yes, Milady.