FreeLauren learns the value of secrets. Sex Pics

Kaylee visits a friend from the net.

But why do you already talk about it as if it was over?" she inquired, curiously.

"Scarlet, the evening is young. I had other things in mind, my angel of desire" the man said.

After finishing their wine, they left the restaurant. The moon was shining in the warm summer night. It was a star clear night in Romania. Naz held his left arm around Scarlet, pressing her close against himself as they walked, warming her slightly. They walked to the nearby park. There were many couples already in the park. But the lovers went to a slightly more secluded place in the park.

Naz tugged Scarlet into some nearby bushes and trees. Only the moonlight was lighting up the small area here and brought out his phone and played a strange music on it. As he put the phone back in his pocket, he took Scarlet's hand and began to dance with her.

"My love, what song is this?" Scarlet asked as she tilt her head against his shoulder.

"Russian opera... Natasha Morozova singing Prince Igor" he whispered to her as they danced very close to each other.

The lovers danced together in the moonlight. They danced slowly, close together. Scarlet could feel his arms around her slim body. One hand was on her waist, fondling her, while the other was caressing her neck. She breathed in, smelling his cologne and as she exhaled, she did so in Naz's long, black hair.

Naz's touch felt wonderful to her. Scarlet couldn't help thinking about how good it felt when his hand touched her skin. She sighed in pleasure, holding him close to herself. Smelling him... touching him...

The couple danced until the music stopped. Scarlet held her arms around her lover's waist and fondled his butt while she looked at him. The moonlight was lighting up her beautiful face, but her lover's face was much darker as he was not facing the pale light. She felt how her lover now put a hooked index finger under her chin and kissed her passionately. The kiss was intense, passionate and loving. The kisses grew more and more intense, coupled with his hands caressing and fondling her back through her dress.

"Scarlet, you're so beautiful" Naz said between the constant kisses.

She did not say anything, but her soft moaning said everything he needed to know.

"You are my lover, Nazara, I want you badly... I need you badly"

"Esti ca luna pentru mine, Scarlet. Nu am mai __nt__lnit persoane asa ca tine..." Naz tried to say, knowing full well how awful and bad his Romanian was.

Scarlet blushed as she heard his words and couldn't help to giggle. But she gave him a passionate, intimate kiss as push pushed him up against a tree. As his back was up against the tree trunk, Scarlet lift her red dress up slightly so she could kneel down in front of him. As she fell to her knees, she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He wore a pair of black silk boxers which she pulled down to take out his shaved dick. Scarlet felt it being hot and it hardened quickly in her hand. She looked up at him and brought the dick to her mouth, while holding around the root.

She kissed the head first, then licked the top of it, going down the top of the shaft down to the root. She savoured the taste of it, loving it as her tongue explored the shaft. The dick was not too long, roughly 5 inches, but it didn't matter to Scarlet. She brought her lips around it instead, taking it down her mouth. It was a wonderful feeling for her to taste his dick. Her tongue flickered against the head and down his fermium. She could taste his salty pre-cum as she pleasured him. She occasionally took his little dick from her mouth and rubbed the back of his shaft against her cheeks and then began to work his balls, too. She cupped them, she caressed them. She kissed them and loved on them.

She switched between jerking his dick and sucking it, all the way to the root. She easily fit him inside her mouth and she loved it. The closeness met her wet and the fact that Naz was running his fingers through her black hair made her feel so good. She pleased him well, sucking him off slowly, affectionate.

"Naz, baby, are you c