FreeAt the Conference. Stunned by the beautiful Queen Nefertiti. Sex Pics

A study of arousal. All for science!

It was the pimp comment that we saw a change in Chloe's face. It hit a nerve.

That's when Chloe let loose. At the top of her voice, she was totally unaware that she was being recorded by at least 4 different people. The videos showed the rest of the bar become silent and watched.

Chloe was vicious. We played the same scene several times. "...Your beloved Rick didn't want a 3 way, but you were tossing all the beers I gave you to help your 'nerves', you chicken shit. You drunk dumb fuck. You believed me? Bret got your clothes off long after Rich didn't show. How fucking stupid could you be. I'll still get your beloved Rick into my bed later just to fuck with you more. Nobody ever fucks with me and gets away with it. Just suck it up bitch, you lost big time and you're going to lose again." Then Chloe spat at Diane and started to raise a hand to slap her.

That's when Bret got between them. It really looked like Bret was going to shove Diane when he lost his footing on a spilled beer and knocked Diane down. A 6' 1" man and a 5' 4" woman? It really looked like he was going to do her harm. This was not going to be an up and shut case for an accident. Bret's actions looked willful.

The next bit happened in less than two seconds. Bret stablizezed like he was on ice and caught himself from falling. Then out of nowhere, Rick's foot landed into Bret's groin. You could hear the thud in the videos. Comparing several of the video files, it looked like Rick was originally going to go after Chloe after she spat. But Bret became the target since Bret ended up over Diane after she hit the floor and went down.

The look of surprise and pain on asshole's face was amazing. He screamed like a little girl. I particularly enjoyed seeing my ex get kicked in the balls. I was figuratively kicked 11 months ago. He was literally kicked. Same level of pain. There's little difference on the receiving end. All I could remember was how I felt when the two of them laughing at me while they were fucking our bed.

This didn't go according to our plan, but Phase One was a success. With the others at the bar recording the confrontation, the spitting and taunting by Chloe, the attempted slap and knock down of Diane, it was so much better. Some of the files I received were from people that we hadn't spoken to but that I knew. What was amazing was that people wanted me to see this.

Seeing Chloe tell the world what she and the asshole did was so satisfying. This wasn't in the plan. It was beter than out plan and I really liked it.

We got a couple of phone calls. May was told that the women in for the wedding were disappointed they didn't get to act. They'd been rehearsing and several of them had been actors in high school and college. They were looking forward to it. However, they did enjoy the show. Others just wanted me to know what happened. I got several copies of some of the video. It cc addresses in the email it the files were addressed to kept on increasing.

Now the five of us had to evaluate what should happen next to those lovebirds. The thing about going into battle, either a market with a business plan, or an actual battle with troops, the battle plans become outdated 5 minutes after the battle starts. It gets immediately revised on the fly. Having researched all we could, we were able to adjust our next steps. We'd get to change our possible objectives because as some of the ols ones had been wondrously attained.

None of us are lawyers or cops. But to our uneducated eyes, this looked dicey. Sexual relations with a very drunk woman can be considered rape. Procuring women for sex is also a felony. Even very legal 3 way sex was not how principals and second grade schoolteachers should be in the public eye. None of this stuff would look good to a school district, or parents of young children.

We decided to put off making any decisions for now. We need to contact Eric's buddies to be on hold for a while. The biggest part was to see what happens at the school this week.

All of us checked the other addresses on the ema