FreeA father's realization of his love for his daughter. Sex Pics

The one night they spend together.

I rolled over on my side facing her and she pulled my arm across her bare breast. I tried to keep my stiff cock from touching her but she pushed herself against my body.

She said, "Fuck Stevie, how can you have a boner when we may have just minutes to live?"

I responded, "It's a guy thing sis, it just happens sometimes when were sleeping. I'd think you'd know about that."

She said, "I know about it, but hell, not in the middle of a tornado."

I said, "It's a bad storm sis, not a tornado."

She replied, "Whatever."

I said, "I think my cock stands erect and on guard at night to protect the rest of my body, especially my balls. Got to take care of the family jewels, you know?"

"Well my pussy isn't think of anything but itself. " She replied.

I laughed out loud and said, "Hey that was real funny sis."

She said, "Kiss my ass Stevie!"

I said, "I'm going to have to move my arm for a minute sis, it's going to sleep."

She said, "No don't move it, I'll rub on it to get the circulation going."

As she rubbed my arm it slid back and forth across her breasts and I felt her nipples becoming hard against my skin.

She said, "Shit I can't believe it, this is so weird! My nipples are hard and my pussy is wet; I'm getting turned on by my baby brother in the middle of a tornado."

I only did what you asked, and it's a storm, not a tornado." I said.

She said, "Maybe we could lay her and masturbate, that would be alright, wouldn't be anything wrong about that, would there Stevie?"

I rolled onto my back, grabbed my cock and said, "I think it's a great idea sis."

I could feel Katie's movements, and heard her moaning as she rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy.

I said, "Sounds like you're really wet sis."

She moaned a response, "And you jerking on your cock is making me hotter; I can smell your cock! Do you smell my pussy Stevie?"

I said, "Yeah, the smells causing my cock to get even harder!"

She said, "Stevie maybe you could play with my tits while I masturbate."

I rolled onto my side and squeezed one nipple and began licking and sucking the other. Her hand found my cock and began to gently stroke it. "Stevie are we really going to do this?" She asked.

I said, "I was told to keep you occupied and not let you think about the storm; I can't think of a better, or more enjoyable way of doing that."

Katie began to kick the blanket toward the foot of the bed. She slid my hand down across her belly and placed it between her legs. She was right, her pussy was soaking wet and I slid my middle finger inside her. She arched her hips and tightened her grip on my throbbing cock.

She moaned, "Put you're fingers in my mouth Stevie," when I did she started sucking her pussy juices from my fingers. She slid her free hand down to her clit and began massaging gently and pushing her fingers into her pussy, as she stroked my cock with the other hand.

She moved her hand to my face and said, "Does my pussy smell good? Suck the juices off Stevie."

She pushed me over onto my back, and kissed me passionately, putting her tongue deep into my mouth. I returned her kisses and moved my tongue rapidly in and out of her mouth. I squeezed and rolled her nipples as she continued to pump my cock. She quickly slid up on top of me, straddling my face, placing her dripping pussy on my on my mouth. She grabbed my hair pulling my head into her and moaned, "Eat my pussy Stevie!"

I reached up and massaged her firm breast as I plunged my tongue into her pussy; she began sliding against my face, rubbing her clit on my nose. I took it between my lips and as I sucked I rapidly flicked my tongue across its tip. Breathing heavily she groaned, "I wish you could put your cock in me while you're sucking on my clit."

It was impossible for me to respond; I was struggling to get oxygen into my lungs, but there was no way I was going to stop sucking and licking her.

Breathing heavily she moaned, "I want to suck your cock while you eat my pussy, and moved her body int