Love potion.

My arousal levels had kicked up another few notches with the excitement, and Mrs. Robinson's wonder-mix had both new targets, and a few others, staring right at me.

We got our drinks, and I pointedly ignored both new target girls, really just to get their attention. Instead, I leaned over Penny and with careful coordination, spilled just a few drops of my drink onto her bare chest.

"Oops, I'm so sorry, let me clean that up."

It was sophomoric, and rather risqu__, but Penny just giggled when I dipped my face to her chest and tongued up the spilt liquor from near her collarbone. I only wished I'd gotten closer to her cleavage. And the moment my tongue hit her skin, Penny moaned erotically right into my ear, and I felt a surge of hormones pop up in me and a chorus of sighs sounded off around me.

I could only imagine what the venture capital team was making of this as they saw a bevy of women getting visibly aroused in my general presence. Every girl in there was getting hot, and they were getting hot specifically for me. And it was at this time that the claws came out.

Target #2, an athletic-looking tomboy with a light brown ponytail actually tapped Penny on the shoulder and wondered what a slut like her was doing in this bar. She had strong cheekbones and a well-sculpted body, with an angular attractiveness to her face. "Hell, you're not even worth a guy like him."

I was immediately on the defensive, separating the two of them and trying to calm down the situation half-heartedly. Penny, however, was already responding. "What, like a soccer-dyke like you would be woman enough for him?"

I saw the rage flicker through Target#2 and for a brief moment I zeroed in my effect right into her, to see where this was going. Automatically and without any foresight she answered, "Hell yeah." And she leaned over and planted a fat kiss right onto my lips.

"Hey!" the voice came from someone else, a random girl standing by and looking at me dreamily. And she stepped in to pull Target#2 off of me. This set off a light shoving match and a few angry words before a male bartender yelled over everyone to calm down. He didn't have a clue what the hell was going on.

I noticed Target#3 leaning off to the side, a gorgeous, raven-haired woman who seemed perhaps 10 years older than me, but with a Monica Bellucci-esque body that men would kill to possess. She remained strong and silent, above the pettiness of the younger girls, but still her laser gaze was right on me.

I shrugged, as if feeling rather above the squabbling of the little girls throwing themselves at me, and I stepped away from the bar in a beeline for the gorgeous woman in the corner, her slinky dress and huge tits calling out to me. I'd already seen her brush off two guys like mosquitoes, but I knew she wasn't going to be turning me down.

I took her hand, then bent to touch my lips to her knuckles, and introduced myself. I threw her a line, a rather cheesy one, but she smiled beguilingly at me. And so I begged for her name. "My name is Olivia."

"Olivia. What do you say we get out of here and have a glass of wine in my hotel suite?"

"That sounds lovely."

And so with this gorgeous woman on my arm, I headed for the exit. Penny intercepted us and whined, "What about me?"

I glanced at Olivia for a moment, but her face was a complete mystery. I decided to go for broke and just said, "Well, if you can handle the competition, perhaps you can join us."

So Penny slipped onto my other arm. Bagging two of the targets would HAVE to impress the venture capitalists. And we once again moved to the exits.

But once the gaggle of girls figured out I was open to more than one, there were three others begging to join in and promising to do anything. Target#2 was in the group as well, and picking her out from the group I finally asked for her name.

"Quinn!" she called out, full of hope. Damn these girls were horny. "Quinn may join, but I'm afraid that's all a man like me can handle."

And so I waltzed out of the bar with all three targets

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