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Young woman finds new life on the streets.

We ate in silence, although the boy asked his father:

"Dad, is she our new mom?"

We all felt uncomfortable, but we concealed it. When we were done eating, the children commented to me:

"You cook well, more than..."

The father sent the children to their rooms so he could interrogate me. I explained my history to him and I added:

"My name is Ivonne. I ran away from my house because my stepfather began to abuse of me. I won't say anything more. I don't use drugs and I only took from your cereals until was hungry for hot food, done at home. I didn't make too much of a mess. My clothes came undone in the washer, so now I can't leave from here."

The man was moved and asked me:

"Does somebody know that are you here?"

"No. Nobody has seen me here."

"It's all right. I will tell you what we will do. You will stay for some time but I can't pay you with money. You will have food and I will even buy you some clothes, but I will soon need you to leave."

Although he didn't offer much, I accepted. While the father observed, the girl measured me, and the three of them went out to the shopping center. I picked up the table, I washed all the dishes, and I sat waiting for them. Soon they arrived, with new clothes, including underwear. He also gave me a towel and a toothbrush. I had to sleep on the sofa, much more comfortable and fluffed than where I have had to sleep all this time.

The next day, I heard the noise and the voices of the family waking up and getting ready to go to work and school. I got up, I put on the robe and I cooked a light breakfast for all. They marveled upon seeing carefully prepared food again, although they ate quickly. The man looked at me with a mixture of emotions, but he turned away to usher the children. I finished eating and picking up, in order to wash up and then to clean the house. I only swept the living room and other common areas, I cleaned the kitchen of old stains of spilled food, avoiding the bedrooms. I thought of fleeing again, but I was afraid, and in my indecision, I saw that they soon would arrive, so I cooked another meal. Little by little, I fell into a routine, and the house people began trusting me. I already learned their names: the father's name is Philip, and he is a construction foreman, the twelve-year-old daughter's name is Ileana and the eight-year-old boy is Manuel. Sometimes, I joined them to children's activities, and he introduced me as a cleaning lady. Through comments, I found out that his wife left him for another worker, before Phil was promoted, and now, they have economic difficulties because the guy is irresponsible. They no longer live in this town.

The children grew fond of me and the elder one even asked me to become their new mother, and I felt flattered, but I didn't think that I was prepared for the responsibility. One day, I looked at the calendar and I calculated that I became eighteen-years old at some point of my wanderings, before meeting this family. I am already free, being of legal age. I asked Philip's help to enroll in the night school, and I went to look for my file in my old high school, to know by how many courses was I short for an equivalent diploma. Only the personnel of the school recognized me, but no longer being I a minor, they had to respect my conditions of not notifying my parents, and I left again.

While I got registered, I noticed that I was the only one not pregnant or with children, no counting those who adopted me. The other case was one handicapped youth, with lower mental age that her chronological one. One night, while I studied for a somewhat difficult class, the gentleman began to converse with me:

"I want to thank you for all that you do for my family."

"I also thank you for allowing me to stay here."

"I also admire what you do to take your life back."

"Thank you."

"All right. Now I leave you; keep studying."

I did so for one more hour, until I was too tired, so I put the books in my bag and I went to sleep.

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