My visit to the dentist was anything but boring!

I had no idea what would cause her to have her nipple on one side of my mouth while working on the other side, but I was enjoying it.

My cock was stiff now, growing down the leg of my shorts. If she had looked that way she would have seen it. I'm not huge but I'm big enough that it shows when it's hard. I was worried that the head could have peeked out.

Pushing her chest against me, letting me feel her tit in all of its glory. I looked up and she was focused on the other side of my mouth. Then her nipple slid towards my lips and I licked. I couldn't help myself. It was a natural reaction to the feeling of having her that close.

It felt so good to feel that stiff nipple on my tongue, and I savored the hardness.

Katie noticed that. She jumped and moved back quickly. I said, "Sorry, I had a pain in my jaw." She smiled at me, said, "Oh, that's all right, no harm done.", and went back to work, pushing right that nipple right back at my lips. So I licked again, and I heard her make a little, almost silent "Oh fuck.". Her hands moved out of my mouth, and her nipple pushed in. I nibbled on it, trying to suck it into my mouth through the many layers of fabric. She put her hand on my chest and just stayed there while I had my way with her nipple. I didn't start this, but I sure as hell was going to enjoy it while I could. She dragged her nails over my chest, hitting my nipple and sending a shock through my chest.

My cock was so fucking hard by this time, and I knew that the head was probably sticking out of the hem of my shorts. I didn't give a fuck if she saw it or not. I put my right hand on her other tit and started squeezing it, feeling for her other nipple, trying to get it to pop out as well. Her shirt was soaked with my drool, and I was in heaven.

Her hand moved down to my waist and towards my cock. She touched it and I jerked. She grabbed it through my shorts and started stroking it. I pulled away from her tit long enough to say, "I need you, Katie, where can we go?"

She said, "Well, I think everyone else has gone out for lunch, so we should have the place to ourselves." She gave me an evil grin as she reached into the leg of my shorts to caress my cock.

I reached around and squeezed her firm little ass, noting that she was wearing a thong under her scrub pants. She groaned when my hand moved up to her waist and I slid my fingers into the waistband above her ass.

She got up, said, "Come on, we don't have much time!" She grabbed my hand and took me into the bathroom across the hall. I followed her in and locked the door behind us while she went over to the sink. She slid her pants and panties down, then leaned over the sink, presenting her perfect little ass to me.

I reached under her shirt and bra, feeling her tits, squeezing them hard. I wanted to fuck her, yes, but I had to get a few squeezes in first. She said, "Hurry!", so I let them go and yanked down my shorts and underwear, my cock bouncing out in the open. She was staring at it as it pointed towards her and she said, "Fuck, I knew you were big. I've been wanting you forever!"

I didn't know what she meant, but I also didn't care. I moved quickly behind her and lined up with her pussy, rubbing my cock against her lips, trying to get her juices on me so that I could get lubed up. Then I pushed forward and slid all the way in, balls deep as she screamed.

"OH FUCK!" I felt her pussy squeeze down on me as I held it in place. She said, "Come on, I want to feel you fuck me! Fuck me so good!" I grabbed her hips and starting pumping into her. I wasn't going to waste time. If she wanted it, I wanted to give it to her.

I could see my cock sliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy lips, and I was covered in her juices. I knew I wouldn't last long at this rate, but I hoped I could make her cum first. I thought it would probably be a race to the finish line.

Within minutes, her pussy started really grabbing hard on me as I pumped in and out.

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