The story of my transformation with my wife.

What a day; I had had only a few looks at me and then Joanna had stepped in, saying that we had a party coming up and this was preparation for it. We had even managed lunch smoothly.

Without going into minute details of each item, I came away with four skirts of varying lengths, six pairs of pants, five pairs of shoes, eight blouses, eight tops and boots, six bras, probably around twenty pair s of panties, two suspender belts, a waspie, a corset, plenty of stockings and pantyhose and three pairs of female pyjamas, as well as a couple of plain but feminine dressing gowns, and a pair of simple, female (well almost asexual) slippers.

Joanna, on the way over to Banbury, had said that we needed to avoid buying sweaters and nighties as she needed to go through her older larger clothing. There would be plenty in closet that could be worn by me as well as, maybe, some bras and certainly a number of panties. I said that I would be quite turned on by wearing lingerie that had been up against her boobs or cunt. She had chuckled at that.

She also joked that I had more and better lingerie than she had ever had. We had bought good brands on discount like Wacoal, Triumph, Barbara, Fantasie and Chantelle.

Not that Joanna had been inactive; she found two pairs of male like shoes, two pairs of nice heavy, small, classic striped men's pyjamas, and a nice silk male robe for wearing around the house. On top of all of this, she bought some moreof her flattening bras as well as plain, elastomer content, female briefs. Lastly, she had managed to buy men's briefs for herself and two thongs and jockstraps.


"The only time I wear women's panties now is to scent them for your pleasure -- now if I find a girlfriend, we can use hers for that too."

In a riding shop, Joanna also bought a couple of crops and then, lastly, we stopped at this good sex shop on the outskirts of Oxford and bought three different sized vibrators, two heavy, chrome butt plugs, and some wrist and ankle cuffs as well as a spreader. Joanna admitted that she had spent time online and that her sexual repertoire and inventory was rapidly increasing and I would soon see what she had been up to.

We made our way, exhausted, home.

"Let's briefly freshen up and grab a quick Italian"

Despite my nervousness in going into one of our more familiar haunts, that is what we did. Joanna fronted the conversation to the staff to cover for me.

We got back to the house at about 9pm and took off our coats.

Joanna said,

"Look Mattie, you go and run a nice hot bath and soak, and please ensure that there is no stubble on you."

"I really don't mind if you start using my salon for waxing treatments and special make-up sessions; that is something that I can tee up for you."

She continued,

"And you do need to keep your love channel as clean as possible for my access, particularly when you are at home"

I went to move towards the bedroom.

"I will get the bags unpacked and then leave out your nightwear; I also want to ferret around my dressing room so take your time. Once you are out of the bath and in your night attire ready for me,give me a call."

So off to the bathroom I went and drew a long bath with some bubble bath. I stripped down and put my lingerie in the laundry basket. Into the bath I got and had an inspection with my razor, using it to shave my face and then my 'mons' and my chest, ensuring I was as smooth as a baby. I nearly fell asleep.

Joanna came in to the bathroom. "Ok honey, you look good there, and I just love your breasts emerging from the suds; a bit like mine."

She went around the bathroom to her counter and pulled out some eye shadow and lipstick and her Chanel No 5 perfume.

"Mattie love, just a touch of eye make up, lipstick and perfume yourself and that will be fine tonight. Your lingerie is laid out for you now."

She sat on the edge of the bath and closely looked at me.

"Look Mattie, we will manage this with the kids somehow but I really do want you as my wife from now on.

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