Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show

Miss K pulled her shirt back down, then bent down and pulled her shirt back up. "I'm ready to head on back to the hotel. Besides, I don't wanna get harassed the rest of the night as the rumor spreads. What about you Trace?"

"I'm definitely ready for the night-cap," Tracy said as she got to her feet, pulling her skirt back down over her ass as much as possible. "And thank you for jumping it, Trish. You made it fun!" she said as she hugged Trish.

"Thanks. Maybe I'll see you around," Trish said awkwardly as she disappeared back into the crowd.

"Well, that was fun," Miss K said to Tracy. "I think I can relax when we get back to the hotel."

"Oh, you definitely will," Tracy said, smacking her friend's ass as they made their way through the crowd on Bourbon Street, struggling to make their way through the crowd.


The two girls returned to their hotel in the French Quarter, glowing with sweat from the humid night. After walking in the front door, Miss K felt Tracy pawing at her ass.

"Hey, Trace! What's that about?" Miss K said half- jokingly

"Nothing, babe. Just thinking about your ass," Tracy said as she squeezed Miss K's round ass through her daisy dukes.

"Why do you ask?" Tracy said as the two kept walking, stopping to press the button for the elevator.

"Well, it's probably the best part of you, but no one ever notices it."

"Why thank you," Miss K said as she walked into the now-open elevator, with Tracy following close behind her, and pressed the button for their floor.

"You know, everyone's constantly talking about that thick cock of yours," Tracy said as she reached between Miss K's legs and squeezed her shaft.

"Yeah, and" Miss K said, wondering where this was going.

"And people notice your big hair..." Tracy continued, tugging on Miss K's long blonde hair. "...And your bigger tits," she went on, standing on her toes and squeezing her friend's tits in her small hands. "But they never notice your ass!"

"What, are you stealing lines from porno flicks now?" Miss K dismissively said as the elevator door opened and they walked to their room. "Do better, man."

"I'm not a man, for your info, and legitimately like that big, round ass of yours. I think looks nice and sexy," Tracy continued. She then grabbed Miss K's booty and squeezed it with her hands, massaging it as the flesh ran through her fingers.

"Why thank you! I paid enough for it," Miss K said as she opened her door and walked into their room. "Maybe I'll let you worship sometime, but right now, all I wanna do is sleep."

It was then that Tracy squeezed Miss K's ass hard with one hand, and pulled aside the opening of her shorts to jam two fingers into her ass, rubbing them hard on her prostate. She then walked around her shocked friend, unzipped her shorts with one hand, pulled her dick out and swallowed it in one stroke, sucking as hard as she could.

"What the heck is going on?" Miss K gasped, still shocked by the sudden treatment as she felt her shorts being pulled down.

Tracy just kept sucking Miss K's dick as hard as she could, tickling her prostate with one hand while squeezing and smacking her friend's ass with the other. She pulled the now-hard dick out of her mouth and throat, raking her teeth across the tip as she did, then flicked her tongue hard against it.

"I'm playing with your big ass now," Tracy spat out as she spanked that ass hard. "I'm gonna play with it, then fucking make you cum now. Got that slut?"

Miss K stood there in shock as she felt Tracy's presence behind her, pumping her asshole with her fingers as her mouth kissed and sucked all over her ass.

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