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Young guy takes one step further to become a 'dog'.


I couldn't believe the situation I was in, and I was ready to turn around and tell them all to fuck off, but I didn't of course. The idea of stripping and becoming Samson in front of a whole family sitting around in such an everyday situation really made me horny and my cock was already hard when I started to undress. The whole family looked away from the television to watch me humiliate myself, and Kevin sat there with a broad smile on his face thrilled that he'd found a way to humiliate me even more. I took off my jacket, then unbuttoned my shirt slowly before throwing that on the floor on top of my discarded jacket. Next I kicked off my smart loafers before unbuckling my belt and unzipping my jeans. As I let them drop heavily to the floor the whole family burst out laughing because I was still wearing the pink ladies bikini bottoms Kevin had given me yesterday, only now my cock was trying to burst through the material. I took off my black socks and immediately trod in something disgusting on the carpet that looked like left over food of some sort. Lastly I pulled down the bikini bottoms and put them on the pile with everything else, then I stood up, naked and fully exposed for the whole, disgusting family to look me up and down. His mother was the first to speak:

"My God, his willy is small isn't it? Yours was that size, Kevin, when you were in primary school. Well, you wouldn't have expected a good looking young man like that to have such a pathetic willy would you, Barry?" She directed the question to her fat husband, who now focussed on my cock.

"Yep, that's a small one alright." I was looking at Kevin at the time and turned back just to see the dad taking a picture of my cock.

"I've got to show this to the guys at work, they'll all get a laugh out of this one!"

"No, please you can't show anyone," I begged, and they all started to laugh.

"Well, that all depends on whether you're a good puppy and do what we say, or whether you're a bad puppy and we pass this picture round the town, doesn't it?" The dad threatened , and I knew that this sicko family probably would show people if I didn't comply. So I put my collar on and got on the floor on all fours. For the next twenty minutes or so, they all shouted instructions to me and I put on a dog show for them:

"Bark like a dog...roll on your back...sit up...beg for food..." the whole thing was utterly humiliating, and all four of them were clearly enjoying themselves. It was only when the fat dad got up to go to the kitchen that I noticed his trousers tenting out with his erection, unfortunately he saw me looking at his crotch, as did his geeky son, Kevin.

"Go on Samson, I know you like to sniff crotches, off you go, don't be shy," said the nerdy son and I realised this was an instruction rather than an invitation so I crawled over to his dad and thrust my face into his crotch. He was wearing sweatpants so I could feel every contour of his hard cock against my face as I rubbed my nose deep into his crotch, inhaling the strong manly, unwashed odour. I was then distracted by the sister shouting:

"Naughty boy, Samson, bad doggy," and then I felt a hard slap across my bare arse and I instinctively yelped in pain. She then sat back on the sofa and pulled me towards her by my collar; the skirt of her supermarket uniform had ridden up above her knees and her legs were spread wide so that I could see her hairy cunt. She clasped my head in between her legs and I could feel the stubble of her unshaven legs scratching against my face, she then patted me on the arse where she'd previously slapped me.

"Oh, I'm sorry, was I too hard with you?" as she apologised her hand slip down my arse and round to my cock; as I was on all fours, it was even smaller and she could only just grasp it between her thumb and forefinger.

"Big sister will make it all better for you, won't she Samson," I couldn't believe that she was now stroking my tiny throbbing cock in front of her whole family.

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