Her life is changed, tangling with the new member.

Finally they stopped at a condo development on the lake. Katrina parked in the visitors parking right in front of the entrance. Then she turned the car off, and twisted her body slightly to face Colleen.

She passed the keys to Colleen, the smaller woman taking them in her smaller hand. Her skirt was still up over her pussy.

Colleen was incapable of thought. "What? What is it?" Then she was gripped with an entirely different fear. Oh God. She was suddenly afraid she would never see Katrina again. She opened her legs wider, pushing her mound up in a lewd movement.

Katrina looked down. She reached across and touched Colleen's thigh with her fingernails. Colleen exhaled hoarsely, and whimpered. She pushed her pussy toward the slender fingers. "Look at you," Katrina said. "Look at you pushing your aching cunt at me. You've never fucked a woman before, have you, Colleen?"

Colleen shook her head and whispered hoarsely. "No."

"Your life has changed, hasn't it?"

Colleen nodded. "Yes." She sobbed silently. Her life had been a pretty path, and now she was stepping on mines.

Katrina removed her hand, and Colleen felt a stab of disappointment like a hot nail in her heart. "I am going to get out of the car. So you can go back, drive home. To whatever it is you have. To your tennis club. Your safe inner suburbia where your secret self is so neatly trimmed and watered. And I promise you, I won't bother you again." Those incredible blue eyes looked into Colleen's hazel ones. Colleen was swimming somewhere, in a whirlpool going around and around, and every time she went around she glimpsed a branch up above that she could grab onto and pull herself up. But the whirlpool was so powerful. Katrina got out and closed the door. Colleen watched her walk away steadily, silhouetted by the lights around the entry. Above the tall woman, the windows of so many condominium lives were also lit up, curtained, or open, or dark. She started crying uncontrollably. Where were all these tears coming from!? She never cried.

It took her about three seconds to catch up to Katrina. She ran, not even bothering to close the car door. She still couldn't speak, just grabbed Katrina by the arm and held her. She tried not to sob, her breath catching, her chest heaving. An older couple came out of the entry way. Katrina turned and put her arms around the shaking woman, and the older couple looked away pained, sympathetic to some imagined grief. They passed.

"Go and lock your door. I'll wait. Kiss me first."

Not believing what she was doing, she slid her arms around the taller woman's neck and kissed her on the mouth hard and hungrily, her lips moving over and around the other woman's soft lips like a warm waterfall. She felt her breasts press against Katrina's chest. An electric feeling. And relief, the deepest flood of relief.

She went back to the car, closed the door, and the two of them went up in the elevator. As they went up, Katrina stretched out her fingers and scratched Colleen's nipples, watching them harden through her tight tennis shirt. She whimpered, and Katrina smiled.

When the door closed to Katrina's condo, it sounded so final. So different. As if she had slipped through a border into a forbidden country. Katrina put her bag down on the floor, and then walked along the hallway into an elegant and spacious living room and dining room. Colleen followed her in silence. The view was of the lake, and darkness beyond which in the daylight would be hills. Colleen suddenly felt very shy. She had a moment of panic when she thought about the events of the past couple of hours, then the panic passed.

Katrina opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She passed one to Colleen. "From now on, you open the wine, please, or ask me if I want something. Sometimes, if I'm feeling like spoiling you, I will do it, but you should never expect it."

Colleen took the wine, her mind full of wonder.

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