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More than a workplace for your two favorite girls.

She follows suit. Our tongues begin to dance up and down either side of your hardness. I use a hand to cup and massage your balls, while Jeanette kneads the muscles of your ass. Our tongues swirl over, under, and around you, driving you mad with need, and you place your hands on both our heads, urging us on, as you groan in pleasure.

Eventually, you feel us move back, and then a warm mouth covers your cock. You look down and see that I've given in to the need to taste you. I slide back off of you until I'm holding just the tip of you in my mouth. Then I look up at you. Your eyes have darkened and you give me a look of pure lust before I return my attention to the task at hand. I slide you back into my mouth, my tongue dancing along the length of you. You taste so good! I begin to suck on you gently, still sliding you in and out of my mouth, and you roll your head back at the feeling. Then you feel me release you, and immediately another mouth closes around you. You can tell by the methods that it must be Jeanette. She groans in pleasure at the taste of you, and the vibration flows through your cock and into your balls. She eagerly sucks on you and then moves you in and out of her mouth, not using her tongue, but keeping her mouth tight around you.

I rise to whisper in your ear, "I've been telling her about you for a long time, now. When I told her what it was like to be with you, she said that she'd jump at the chance to join us. She wants to feel your incredible cock inside of her as much as I want to feel it inside of me. We want you to drive us through the roof! We want you to show us exactly what you've fantasized about doing to two women who want to fuck you!"

Jeanette, sensing that you might go off at any moment, slides you out of her mouth and rises to stand in front of you. Your gaze latches on to her breasts heaving under her sweater, and you unconsciously lick your lips. "Go ahead," I urge you, "taste her."

She steps up to you, close enough so that you can strip off her sweater. Then you lean down, and place your mouth over one of her rosy buds. Leaning her head back, Jeanette lets out a hungry moan. I discard my skirt and climb on the table behind you, straddling your hips and pressing my body into your back. I put my hands around you and begin stroking your chest, thighs, and cock.

You groan and move to smother her other nipple with your tongue, running your hands up and down her back. Your hands slide down over her skirt and then up under it, finding the hot wetness underneath. You dip a finger into her cunt, and then begin to rub her clit while sucking hungrily at her breasts. Her cries grow louder, and my caresses get more frantic on your body. Finally, she begins to shudder. You brace her until her orgasm subsides, and you realize that you're very close to cumming yourself.

I keep stroking your cock, and Jeanette watches. You begin to moan loudly, coming closer and closer to release. She kneels in front of you and cries "Yes, cum! Cum all over me!" I increase my tempo, giving you quick, tight, sharp strokes, and you can't hold back. You stiffen as your juices begin to erupt out of your gorgeous cock. The first spurt lands on Jeanette's face as she tries to catch it in her mouth. The second lands on her breasts. Wanting to taste you, she then places her mouth on your strained cock, taking the rest of your cum into your mouth, and sucking you dry.

Finally, you slump back against me, and I hold you as you try to catch your breath and to not black out. Jeanette leaves to clean up, and I move you to a chair at the table, standing behind you to hold your head against my abdomen, rubbing it. After a couple of minutes, you feel your head clear and look up at me. I smile at you and ask whether you're enjoying yourself. You smile and take one of my hands, pulling me around to stand in front of you. Then you lean me back against the table, and lower your mouth to the juncture of my legs.

I almost melt at the first flick of your tongue.

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