Derek's little redheaded mechanic has a hot girlfriend.

He hated how it always curled at the ends but for some reason the women always loved it. His eyes were a golden brown that complimented his hair and he had a tall and muscular frame. His body was lean, hard and muscular with six pack abs and large, well-defined arm muscles. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, both were just tight enough to show off his muscles but loose enough to be comfortable.

"Hi Selene, I'm Derek. Nice to meet you."

"And it's certainly nice to meet you." She said in an approving voice as she looked him up and down.

"If you want to chat we can always go sit down in the office. There's nobody here but us."

"Sounds good to me." As Derek turned he saw Selene wink, at whom he couldn't tell. Walking into the familiar office he smelled the metallic scent of car parts that always accompanied it, along with mixed scents of jasmine and lily, the latter of which he knew to be Morgan's. He sat down in the middle of the couch and was pleased to find that the girls took seats on either side of him. He was having a hard time hiding his erection now and he was afraid he was failing miserably. His suspicions were confirmed when he noticed both Morgan and Selene glance down at his lap and then at each other. It was the surprise of his life when they leaned over him and met in the middle to kiss. Softly at first, then they parted their lips and their tongues melded in a deeper, more passionate kiss. When Morgan's hand went to Selene's breast Derek groaned out loud.

"Oh Selene, we're leaving Derek out." She glanced pointedly down at his erection. "And it certainly looks like he wants some action. Why don't you take off your shirt for us?" He quickly did as she asked, tossing his shirt aside and revealing his perfect six-pack. She took her free hand and trailed her fingertips lightly down his chest and let them catch at his waistband. In unison the girls lowered their heads and began each sucking on one of his nipples. Their velvety tongues sliding gently over his nipples felt incredible, then Morgan nipped gently and he thought he was in heaven. "Why don't we get each other warmed up for you?" Morgan asked as she began taking off her clothes, revealing perky C-cup breasts with little pointed nipples already hardened with excitement. "Can we see what's under the rest of those clothes?" As she removed her skirt and tiny black thong he got an excellent view of her toned ass, and when she turned around he saw her perfectly shaven pussy. He was harder than stone and was only too happy to remove the rest of his clothes showing off the rest of his heavily muscled body and his eight inch cock. By this point Derek was already taking in the view of Selene's D-cup breasts with long nipples poking out at him. She slid her skirt and thong down in one smooth motion revealing a neatly trimmed little heart above her pussy which was all that remained of her pubic hair.

Selene and Morgan walked the short distance to the smaller couch across from them and both sat.

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