Drawn deeper together, the spark of romance flares.

She was certainly striking naked, with firm, medium-sized breasts topped with hard nipples. However, I had a goddess astride my hips, and I shifted my gaze back to Cathy. She smiled back at me, pleased that my attention was back. She shifted slightly up and down.

"You feel wonderful, Cathy," I said as I brought my hands behind my head. I was going to let her control our lovemaking. I enjoyed driving my cock into a woman, but it was also particularly erotic to lie still and let a woman work her hips over me. The gentle motion could really build up the pleasure in my cock. Cathy took her time, slowly rocking up and down, watching me enjoy her body.

After several minutes of pleasure, Cathy was biting her lip and breathing more heavily. She brought her hands down onto my chest and starting twisting her hips, driving my cock inside her. She looked down and watched her pussy slide down on my cock and then release it as she raised forward. I watched our union as well, knowing that Cathy was getting to experience the visual side of sex.

I felt Cathy drive faster. I looked up into her eyes and saw her concentrating, and I knew that she was climbing her way to orgasm. She locked eyes with me, and we passed our need and readiness back and forth. I remained still and felt the tingling pulse throughout my body. Cathy worked me expertly, lightening the pressure as we both got close, extending our mutual pleasure. I noticed a deep red color spread from Cathy's neck to her breasts.

Cathy's face contorted, and her torso heaved as she wrestled with the edge of her orgasm. Finally, she surrendered, letting a sob escape her lips as the spasms wracked her body. I felt the contractions squeezing my cock, and I could remain still no longer. Grabbing her hips, I thrust upward into her and held on as my body twitched beneath her. I came so hard, it was nearly painful.

When my eyes refocused, I saw Cathy looking down at me, a smile of contentment on her face. Cathy moved her hips slowly, milking aftershocks out of both of us, and she leaned down for a kiss. We let the kiss linger as we rode out the final waves.

Cathy pulled back and studied me. "Brad, I, that..."

"I know," I replied, "no words."


"How about 'Fucking incredible!'" Kelly interjected. "I'm glad I had already cum, so I could pay attention as you two went into orbit. I'm going to get off on that image for years to come."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Kelly. And you're right, 'fucking incredible' is literally correct for what we were doing," Cathy observed, trying to hide a smile.

"Exactly, Miss Smart-Ass." Kelly stood up and started finding her clothes. "I had better get dressed before I start playing with myself again, since you two don't look like you're moving anytime soon."

"I would jump up and help, but I'm being pinned down here by this sex fiend," I responded, getting another wagging finger from Cathy.

Kelly finished dressing and looked over again. "You look lovely, Cathy, with that glow of getting fucked really well. You two get a good night's sleep-I'll just show myself out and call tomorrow. Remember, behave yourselves since your chaperone will be gone."

"Could I get you to put out the lights?" Cathy said. "I don't think I have the energy to get up."

Kelly laughed, shaking her head, but she did turn the lights off as she got up. We could see the lights dim in the rest of Cathy's place as Kelly let herself out. As she left, Cathy collapsed down on me. "Good sex always puts me to sleep."

"Me, too," I answered, finding her lips for a kiss. "Let's find the sheets."

We snuggled against each other and were out.

I woke feeling great, partly as the memories of last night, and part due to the soft skin against my cock. Cathy spooned against me, and my morning hard-on was nestled in the crack of her ass. My arm draped across her chest, and her hand covered mine. I couldn't tell if she was awake or not. My hard-on was certainly not going anywhere in this position.

I wondered how our a

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