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Downed pilot discovers a lost tribe of beautiful women.

"I knew you had my wallet," he offered; "Mind if I sit up, or is this subjugation game your only means of communicating with the opposite sex?"

"Ho, strike one for the intruder!" She clapped her hands with glee bringing the attention of the two girls below. "You are my victim, and I am your captor - got it!" she exclaimed.

"Sure," he retorted, "Now, do you mind if I sit up?"

"Oh, go ahead," she feigned frustration. "Next thing you'll need is a drink, then a bed, than a woman, and who knows what after that!" The cynicism in her voice dripped like honey.

"A good meal!" He offered.

"Good answer! Get up off that floor; sit over here and keep me company. But if you should forget whose kingdom this is, rest assured I have no qualms about sending you into the fire pit below face first!" Her face was aglow with anticipation as he eased himself into the chair made of tree limbs and padded with cushions filled with soft matting.

"Right; so who are you, how did you inherit this kingdom, and what in the hell was that primate standing over me when I awoke this morning," he asked, his eyes alight with curiosity.

"Wo, Wo, Wo, hang on a minute, Dr Livingston; I'm the queen and your the knave - you answer my questions and I might, and I emphasize might, respond to yours . . Got it?"

"No," he retorted; "If you want conversation, it's going to take two to play, and from where I sit, I only see one!"

Her silence unnerved him; and he feared that he might have just purchased a one way ticket to the fire pit. She strolled over to the large bed, also fashioned in a like manner to the chair where he sat, and eased her languid frame on to its mattress. Her lovely features became ever more apparent, and as part of her leg extended from beneath her furs, he caught a glimpse of her thigh and dainty little feet; she was as perfect as he could imagine the female of the human species could be. He toes were small and slim, crowning her foot whose contour was a shoemaker's dream. Her exposed leg showed no signs of shaving although there wasn't a hair to me seen anywhere. The muscles were well defined, smoothing her leg into perfect contours. He found himself entranced and fought to keep himself from staring.

"Alright, I'll give you that," she offered after much thought. "I'm Nera; and I'm definitely not from this God-forsaken rain forest, but came here much in the same manner as yourself. My subjects were remnants from an ill-fated Korean airliner filled with young refugees. I got rid of the boys to eliminate any authority conflicts, and have lived here, virtually undisturbed with my loyal subjects for years." She shifted her form, exposing even more of her perfect legs - Cleopatra would have been jealous. "Tonda, or that primate, as you call him, is probably some reject from who knows where. He and his family live just over the hill, and for some unknown reason, watch over us like a misplaced guardian angels. Now that we've finished our 'lets get acquainted' talk Romeo, why don't you come over here," she patted the bed beside her luscious frame; "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!" With a quick flourish, she opened her robes, and revealed her body to him. Her face was flawless; her neck long and languid, her shoulders smooth and silky, her breasts full and firm, her nipples tiny and teasing, her belly was blissfully smooth, and her legs were long and languid; her arms were perfectly contoured and her skin was shiny and gleamed with the healthy foods the forests had surrendered to her. Her sex was barely covered by a wisp of light brown hair, and the fullness of her love lips revealed the passion that had built for so long. Her clitoris was a bright red bud, trembling with anticipation, and her vulva was awash with the cream of her passion.

He dare not make her wait, and with as few motions as possible, he removed the robe from his battered body, dove o

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