Meeting the twins, Sharon and Karen.

They were naked, having spread a blanket beneath them where Kent lay on his back, Stacy at the moment straddling him, and going at it like crazy.

I did another quick look-see about to ensure that I was in fact alone, then returned the binoculars to my eyes, focusing for even better clarity and began watching as they soon after changed positions, getting into one of my personal favorites as it were, a '69' position. And though the distance was great, with the aid of my very powerful 'nocks', it was in a way just like being there!

This was without a doubt far better than watching any mule deer, or even bears wandering about for that matter.

"Hi Tom!"

The sound of her voice startled me, nearly dropping the binoculars I spun staring up and into the face, or rather tits of Karen who'd somehow managed to sneak up directly behind me without being heard.

"Shit! You scared the fuck out of me!" I said, suddenly fearing the carry of my voice might be heard down below as I suddenly lowered it. "What are you doing here anyway? And what did you call me Tom for?" which I then realized the answer to before she had need to explain it. "Very funny," I answered for her.

She laughed, sitting down beside me taking the binoculars from my hand raising them as she spoke. "And I thought you were the Indian," she said teasingly. "I could have scalped you, and you'd never even known it. Oh..." she suddenly paused, then giggling. "And I can see why!"

"Give me those!"

Like two kids fighting over the last cookie, she pulled away from me swinging her arms as well as her breasts in the process. I gave up.

She continued looking for a moment or two longer before much to my disbelief, she stood, slipping one hand down the front of her loosely fitting Levi shorts. It didn't take a whole hell of a lot of deduction to know what she was doing. Mesmerized, all thought of Stacy and Kent down in the meadow below disappeared like a long lost friend. All I could look and think of now was the subtle, yet very obvious motion of her hand as she stood there fingering herself in front of me.

"Fucking hot isn't it?" she said as though describing the weather.

Which to me was an understatement, more like "un-fucking believable!" I as sat there continuing to watch her while she stood pleasuring herself without thought to being self-conscious about it, nor the fact I was no longer interested in what was taking place down in the valley below.

She finally lowered the glasses, once again handing them to me, which I accepted half automatically, curious now...and wondering as to what might happen next.

"Would you like a hand-job?" she asked.

"Excuse me?" I said wondering if I had indeed heard her right. Which she confirmed a second later.

"You heard me, a hand-job! Would you like one?"

"Ah, well yeah sure!" I said honestly, excitedly.

"Well ok, but here's the thing. You keep watching those two, tell me what you see, what he's doing to her while I do that. No strokie, get it?"

"Got it!" I answered a little unsurely.

"Strip!" she ordered, which I did. Watching her do the same, once again to my surprise as she unbuttoned her jeans letting them fall down around her ankles where she stepped out of them before sitting down next to me there on the rock.

"Well?" she asked waiting, nodding her head in the direction of the meadow. I put the glasses to my face and began giving her a 'blow-by-blow' description of what was taking place. Literally.

I felt her hand clasp my firm hard erection, finding it very difficult to continue talking, until she reminded me sternly with the sudden release of my cock with her hand.

"Ok, ok!" I stated, beginning to describe things one again, though I found it very difficult for me to actually do so.

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