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Finding happiness when unhappiness is the Norm.

You have been unable to muster the interest to spend quality time with your son, Jerry? You have been absent from his entire life for the most part.
"I won't say more because of my anger, but I want a divorce and for us to sell this museum of a house 50-50 so that Jerry and I can move into one of the new apartments that have been springing up near the subway stations. You will need to deal with your agency and your recent lover's irate husband without my support as the less I have to do with you until we separate our two lives, the better."

Ben raised his head and asked, "Please don't leave me, June. You are not going to take my son away from me, are you?"

"No, Dear Husband, you are Jerry's father, and I fully expect you to help support him while you make periodic visitations as long as he will hang out with you - Visitation Dads are a common occurrence all over the city. Don't fight me here, or I will enlist the help of Penny Adams or her husband. It is my hope that you will now focus on helping Jerry's health improve during your regular visits with him - let him see a man just once when he looks at you. While you were jet-setting around the country and in the heat of passion with your assistants, did it occur to you just once that there is something terribly wrong when our young teen must take four meds daily just to function in society?"

At this point, Ben Sharp's whole body shook noticeably with sobs. But, At that moment the pizza was delivered which defused the situation somewhat. June put half of the slices on a plate, along with napkins, and grabbed two bottles of water. She took her and Jerry's dinner to his room, leaving the dead-on-the-inside man alone. Once June and her son were eating, she said, "Your Dad and I will be divorcing, but he loves you in his way that neither of us understand and will continue to support you and visit you on certain days and weekends. Can you handle that, Jerry?"

Her son said, "Yes, Mom. I have been expecting this as it's obvious to me that he doesn't care a hoot about you - or me either, in point of fact." There was a pause as June grasped that her son had figured this out already. Then Jerry continued, "You do remember meeting Gary, the president of the chess club at school, don't you?" He watched her nod 'yes,' and continued, "He has an ongoing divorce in his family - and I have been filling in for him at meetings because he has issues with his parents breaking up. But, I won't have a problem since I barely know Dad and frankly don't even like him. What happened? Are you angry at Dad, or is he angry with you?"

"I was angry for a moment when he told me why he was crying, but that has passed..., so now I just see him as a stranger to me. But he should become more than that to you because you and he badly need to develop a closer relationship - remind yourself that none of us can choose our parents. After dinner why not try to get your Dad to play you a game of chess - I will bet you two RedSox tickets that he has the time and interest now that his world has changed?"

"Yes, I will. Thanks, Mom."


It was five A.M. after a night when June slept soundly in the MBR while her husband 'slept' in a guest room for the first time in their marriage. She silenced the clock and made her breakfast. On schedule, the lady dressed in her usual biking pants walked into their garage and unchained her bike and raised the door. Walking it towards the street while the garage door was closing, she noticed an idling car with the parking lights on in front of her house. She was frightened for a moment but based on what Millie told her, assumed it was Penny Adams' husband. Looking at his face when he lit a cigarette, she thought that recognized him. The young man calmly sat behind the steering wheel, smoking."

She slowly walked her bike to his driver side window and tapped on it.

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