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Mackenize learns the truth, and Savage confronts his sister.

Savage got the message and released her gently, helping her to stand up. Janet pulled her ruined top together and crossed her arms over her breasts. She glared at him and then slapped him, staggering him with the force.

"Don't think you're going to get out of this that easily," she told him. "I'm into rape fantasies with men I trust, and I trust you Savage, though God only knows why! It was a good effort, though. I applaud you for that. You owe me for a new chemise, though, and I'll get it out of you one way or another. Wait here while I go get Milena. Damn you!" She pushed him away and disappeared from her daughter's room.

Savage sighed and sat down on Mackenzie's bed again, slumping forward, his head hanging low. The longer he stayed her, the more danger he was putting his friends in, and he could not do that to them. However, he could not give up Mackenzie. In just a few hours, she had become the second-most important woman in his life: Rhaenemera would always be the first, even though she was dead.

He flopped back onto the bed, his arms covering his eyes. Tears came again, and his chest shuddered as he allowed himself to grieve once more. He shouldn't cry, he knew-not now, when he was sure Mackenzie would return at any moment. Then again, she knew he had lost his sister-even if the reason wasn't the real one-so perhaps she would understand his tears. At least, he hoped so. He did not want to have to explain things again.

He heard the door to Mackenzie's room close. He did not bother to look-he didn't want to. It was either Janet with Milena-neither of whom he wanted to deal with at the moment-or it was Mackenzie with Danica, neither of whom he could deal with at the moment, either. He had too much going through his mind. Too much had happened in too short a time. He was sure the pressure was going to crush him like an octopus at ten thousand leagues.

He felt the front of his pants open and the zipper slid gently, agonizingly down. His hard cock pushed through the opening, and he gasped as it touched the zipper's metal edges. But then his pants were yanked quickly off, and he sighed in relief. He still did not look, preferring to enjoy this before whatever interruptions happened.

A warm hand gripped his erect manhood and began a slow up and down motion that caused his bottom to lift slightly off the bed. He hated being this horny. It was far more of a curse than he would have imagined. He could barely think at times because all he wanted was pussy; and while there were plenty of women willing to share, Savage realized early on how cheap it made the act. It had been an agonizing eighteen years since he'd last had sex, and it made his time with Mackenzie, Danica, and Janet that much more special. Whoever had him now had better take him somewhere in their body-and soon-or there was going to be a mess. He arched his hips as the hand came down, then suddenly he felt warmth envelop him before he felt a woman's weight settle on his thighs.

A voice moaned as she settled and said, "I'd always wondered how we'd fit together, considering you seemed to like Rhaenemera so much."

Savage's eyes flashed open, and he stared into the cold, icy blue eyes of his beautiful sister, Daemera, who was straddling him while completely naked. His eyes traveled down her svelte body, past her perfectly shaped, melon-sized breasts, past the flat plane of her stomach, and to the inward curve of her loins to where he saw his cock buried deep in her moist pussy, the thick lips protecting her core spread open around him. She smiled at him seductively and rocked her hips, squeezing her inner muscles around him.

"Now," she said, watching him wince as she held him inside her body tightly, "we are going to be completely alone for a few minutes.

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