When reality becomes a dream.

The front door had just opened and then closed again. I quickly put the movie on 'pause' as Fay called out, "I'm back, it was a false alarm."

She came into the living room to find me with her laptop on my knees and a bulge in my trousers. At least she had the decency to blush.

"Oh shit," she said, "don't tell me I forgot to log off."

There wasn't much need for me to say anything, so I just nodded. She sat down beside me and looked at the screen. It showed a still of the three of them, the girl impaled by the now naked man with the woman sat beside her, boobs hanging out and her dress hiked up and her panties pulled to one side.

"Have you been having fun?" she asked.

There was no sense in denying it, so I nodded again. Her hand came over and felt the front of my trousers.

"Been spying on me?" she asked.

"Only accidentally," I ventured, "and this was not what I expected to find."

"Ahhh, I should have mentioned it before maybe."

"Mentioned what?"

"My secret craving."

"What secret craving?" I asked as her hand now gripped my hard dick.

"I just came across it one night and it really turned me on. Don't you love how helpless she is and yet ends up loving it?"

"Well ..." I started to say.

"Daft question, obviously its turning you on as well," she said starting to unzip me. "Don't you love the way they gang up on her?"

"It is rather ... compelling," I managed to reply. My dick was now liberated from my clothing and her soft hand held it in a firm grip that slid back and forth.

"Wanna press 'play'?" she asked, "and watch the rest."

Almost automatically I clicked on 'play' and the scene started up once more. Her hand almost stopped moving on my dick as she concentrated on the video. We watched as the man continued to fuck the girl, pushing deep inside her and her eyes glazed over as the woman began to play with her clit. Suddenly the man pulled out and dragged her off the sofa and made her kneel on the floor with her head down and her backside high in the air. Without delay he plunged inside her once more. The woman got up from the sofa and pulled her dress over her head and slid her panties down. She too was shaved and her pussy was leaking down her thighs. She sat on the floor facing the girl's head and spread her legs wide. Grabbing a handful of hair, she lifted her head, forcing her to stare directly at her shaven pussy. She shimmied forward on the carpet and pushed it directly at the girl's face.

"Eat my cunt, you little whore," she said and pulled the girls face tight against her pussy before lying back as the girl went to work. By now, it seemed, she knew her place and that resistance was futile, and had resigned herself to her fate. There was a close-up of her licking the offered pussy and, to be honest, she now seemed to be enjoying herself. The man was still busily battering her from behind. I glanced sideways, and Fay now had one hand on my dick and the other inside her own panties playing wildly with herself.

Suddenly the man stopped his fucking and pulled out. The woman immediately sprang into action and sat up, pulling the girl to her knees. Her head was tilted back, and the man's dick was pushed inside her once again. This time he pumped into her only a couple of times before he pulled out. A fountain of cum spewed over her face and hair before he pushed into her mouth again. I was impressed as he had come with quite a force and quite a quantity. He pulled out and collapsed onto the sofa. There was a close-up of the girl's face and it was a mess to say the least. Her face was splattered with cum and her eye make-up had run, and she had drool still dripping off her chin.

The woman stood up and went around the room picking up the girl's blouse, bra, panties and shoes. She took the panties and smeared them across the girl's face before holding out the blouse, bra and shoes. The girl looked puzzled as she took them.

Holding up the panties the woman said, "we'll keep these as a souvenir.

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