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Chapter 5.

Zeke landed heavily and lay there for a moment. Dylan was up and moving, but Gene was ready. He did forget about Colton who rushed in and took him out at the knees before running away again. Dylan was there, but Gene was already rolling back to his feet. He kept his sense on all three of them...

...Then my rock hit him in the head. Gene blinked and then looked all over for me. I dropped from the trees where Gen had run directly under me. "If that was a bullet, you would be dead." He looked at all of us and then started laughing.

"Well done! Amos might find the four of you more than he expected, if you know he's around. Not a bad strategy, using Colton as bait to lead him into a feint and ambush. It might not fool him long, but it will be enough to keep him guessing. So...who carried Quint?"

"We all did. Where all three trails crossed is where we did the hand off."

"That was Colton's idea," I said.

"It was a good one. And the decoy?"

"Dylan's. He said that Amos never once took his eyes off Quint during their fight." Zeke had been on the ground at that point and couldn't watch it. "He's very oriented."

"Good. Now, was it part of the plan?"

"Not as far as I knew," I said, a bit upset they didn't tell me. "Their job was to get me a clear shot in the clearing. Keep him wondering where I was and too busy to come look."

Gene nodded. "Plans change in the middle of the fight, you know that. They completed their objective..."

"But put Colton in harm's way. Amos is a lot faster than Gene was going and would have caught you," I said as I turned to Colton. "I don't want anyone hurt on my account. If we can avoid getting hurt, that's what I want." They nodded, seeing it meant a lot to me that they stayed alive and unharmed. "Still, this time it got the job done. It was a good idea." Dylan grinned, happy to hear I wasn't truly upset with him for the idea.

"Good. It's nice to see you guys know the value of camaraderie and how to compromise. Now, lets talk about this plan." And we did. Gene spent the rest of that day going over strategies for wooded areas, but there were not nearly as many of those as there were plains. The plains, though, would not hide him as well as the woods. Dylan and I seemed to have a good affinity for the open plains and were throwing out strategies.

"How come they have all the ideas?" Colton said with a grin.

"They're cats. Lions hunt the plains. Lynxes hunt in all areas from mountains to forests to plains. From what I saw last night, he's closer related to the Canadian lynx than some of the others. Quintin would be a good asset in the cold, right there beside Zeke." So I would be a general troop, good in most areas but not specialized in any of them. All because I was a lynx.

That night's hunt was a different type. This time we hunted for a more elusive and hardy prey. One that would feed the small pack for a very long time. We hunted bison. They would be resting and not expecting an attack from anything larger than maybe a wolf. Definitely not a huge polar bear and a bipedal wolf. Colton's nose was the best and he would find them for us. He disappeared into the tall grass as soon as he was able to move after his change. They were painful to watch. I almost wished he would talk to me and tell me why us being here was so different. "When he gets back, go for the old or the sick. Do not hunt the healthy." We nodded. I was not really that interested in the meat, I preferred fish and small game to something that could step on my head and crush it. I know Zeke also liked seafood over red meat, but he wasn't as picky as me.

It didn't take long for Colton to come back. It seemed too short actually. He began to growl at Gene and then began to whine. "Really. Damn. Dylan, run as fast as you can and get the rest of the Hunters." Dylan pulled out his cell phone. "Or that. We got five Ferals that have come south from Canada." Dylan's eye narrowed as he dialed.

"Dad, bring the Hunters.

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