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'Forced' to enjoy her.

ck them? How about coming all over them?"

I grab a towel and you follow me in to the bedroom. I dry your hair, face and chest, the walk round behind you to dry your back and ass, making sure I pull the cheeks apart to dry you thoroughly. I reach round you and drape the towel over your cock, using it like a coat hook, then move in close and wrapping my arms around you I rub my stockings against you, pushing my tits against your back as I do so. I lick and nibble your ear, whispering dirty thoughts to you...

"Do my tits feel good against your back? Can you feel how hard my nipples are? Did you see how wet my cunt was when I was fingering myself while you were in the shower?"

You are swearing softly under your breath, and I hear you whisper "fuck Lin".

"That's right, fuck, suck, and then fuck some more. I am going to suck your cock, fuck your face with my cunt, make you watch me fuck myself with a dildo, then ride you until you explode inside me".

Walking around to face you I look you straight in the eyes and tell you that I am going to suck you off now, and that I want you to put your hands on my head and fuck my mouth as though it's a cunt. I know I will choke and gag, but I want you to keep going and I want to swallow every drop of your cum.

I kneel down and begin licking up and down your shaft, swirling my tongue around the swollen head and then sucking it like a lollipop. Your hands move to hold my head and I take the whole length of you in my mouth as you begin to fuck it, ramming your cock in and out faster and faster until my eyes are watering and I am choking...on and on you go, until suddenly your hot spunk starts to shoot out almost faster than I can swallow. When you have finished coming, I let you slide slowly out of my mouth and gaze up at you. You are panting and your legs are shaking, and I stand up, kissing you hard on the mouth, then tell you to sit down. I straddle you, and squat so my tits are level with your face then tell you to suck them, pulling one nipple out of your mouth, and dragging my tits over your face so you can suck the other, back and forth, over and over until my nipples are like bullets and my tits are covered in your saliva. Leaning forward I murmur in your ear that I love you sucking my tits, and I climb off, turn around and spread my legs, bending over to grab my ankles right in front of your face so my cunt is totally exposed...

"Has that made me wet? Does my cunt look juicy yet?"

You comment on how you want to bury your face in me, and I shake my head "Not yet ...all in good time".

I sit astride your lap and push your knees apart so my ass falls down slightly between them and my cunt opens up. I pinch my nipples, then slide two fingers in to my pussy, moaning as I do so. I take them out and wipe my hand over your face and your nostrils are filled with the smell of my sex. Again, and this time I let you suck them clean, a third time and I tell you how close I am to coming.

Climbing off, I lie on the bed, bend my legs and spread my knees.

"The camera is on the side - I want you to take some photos of me bringing myself off with this dildo. I want you to see my juices squirt out of my hot cunt, I want you to see just how wet you have made me."

You grab the camera as I reach down to open my pussy lips with one hand, holding the tip of the dildo against my clit. Moaning, I start to rub it through the swollen lips of my sex and back to my clit, over and over again. You are lying between my legs and you gasp as I let out a long moan and an "Oh fuck I'm coming", and you see the juices squirt out of hole.

"Fuck - that's it, keep coming, squirt your juices for me Lin."

Your words make me hotter than ever and I come in waves, plunging the dildo into my cunt and fucking myself with it hard, faster and faster, writhing and moaning on the bed, hips gyrating and tits take a whole ream of pictures, loving the view from between my legs where my cunt is open wide and my arms are pushing my tits up so they look huge.

I look over at you, panting, "I want you to e

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