Zoe discovers the pleasures of self-peeing.

Zoe nestled herself belly down on her bed and studied the text that explained how women should be able to pee over their selves.

"The position that comes to mind most often, is the position in which a female rests on her back while her lower body and her mid section is upside down and vertical, often leaning against a wall," the book described accurately.

The illustrations were well sketched and showed precisely how a woman should position herself. Zoe skipped two pages, arriving at page 36.

"An uncommon and more technical alternative is to lie horizontal on the back and lift up the labia majora's and pushing them outwards. After this step, the pelvis should be tilted so that the mons pubis gains height. This way, the urethra changes to a more vertical direction instead of horizontal."

Zoe turned around on her back and pulled down her red hotpants. She experimented with the technique that was being explained. She rolled over to her other side again and continued reading.

"Adjustments can be made during the act. Note that this is a fairly difficult technique and it could take some time to master it."

Twitching on her bed, Zoe felt her bladder filling up rapidly. She moaned quietly through her nostrils. She browsed some more through the contents of the nearly 200 pages counting book.

After about ten minutes, Zoe closed the book and started unfolding the towels on the bedroom floor. With knock knees, she bent over to meticulously aligned the towels. She opened the book one last time at page 36 and studied the illustrations showing how to position the fingers on the labia majora's. Then she closed it again and laid down on the towels.

Her hips wiggled a bit from side to side, trying to find a comfortable position. She placed her fingers on her pussy exactly as the book stated. She was ready for some selfpeeing action.

With a long and steady sigh, Zoe tried to concentrate on her bladder relieving. She saw a playful little beam of piss being released out of her spread pussy. Unfortunately, it squirted away from her instead of on her.

"Adjustments can be made," Zoe thought as she tried to lift up her soft flaps a bit more.

The squirt changed course to an almost vertical line, making the steaming hot content of her bladder land on her vaginal area.

"Oh yes," she softly exhaled with an open mouth while relishing the pleasurable feeling of piss seeping down her groin.

As Zoe pushed a bit harder, the fountain became higher. It reached a meter high and her pee landed harshly on her body.

* Shktlktlktl *, the crashing piss sounded.

Zoe lifted up her bottom from the ground, resulting in an arc that splashed all over her black shirt. Her nipples had gotten so hard they were about to pierce two tiny holes in her saturated clothing. The black cotton fabric started shining of wetness. Zoe's hands spread out the slightly salty liquids. Her arc remained strong and droplets clattered on her belly and her bosom.

"Uhn," she softly enjoyed the trickling on her firm tits.

The arousement got to Zoe as she started rubbing her throbbing clit with more fury. Her hips contracted in all directions and the pee sprayed widely over her belly. The hand that was idling started scooping up some of the desirable bodily products. She smeared it over her touted lips and she licked her fingertips clean, savoring the both salty and acidy taste of her warm waters.

With a couple of vicious shots, Zoe made sure her bladder was properly drained:

* Ssshhhttttrrrllll *

"Ffffucckkk, yessss," Zoe gasped when feeling the squirts landing partly in her face.

* Ttrrrsssshhhhlllll *

The last jet of piss was a geyser like burst that rained down on Zoe's soft and slightly bulgy belly. She answered to her added needs of stimulation by working her pussy even more ferocious. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened slightly and her shoulder blades pulled towards each other. These signals meant she was heading towards an orgasm of biblical proportions.


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