An online Dom unexpectedly meets his sub in the real world.

Her eyes widened in horror as she heard herself say "This one was taught by her master two years ago, how to meet a male." and she leaned in and softly kissed the head of his penis, stopping herself from taking his shaft in her mouth.

She had to admit to herself, it was one of the nicest penis she had ever seen. It curved just like she liked, and was clean and neat, and she know from the few pictures they exchanged that he kept himself well groomed. Looking up into his eyes, she realized how attractive he was. He was tall, and strong, and walked with a slight limp, but in his uniform, which looked to be tailored, he was very handsome.

She mentally slapped herself, trying to get herself to snap out of it.

In order to buy a bit of time she said to him, "I am sorry sir. This one can not do as you command in these clothes." Asking him for permission to go strip would give her time to gather her thoughts and maybe get a shot of Jack to bolster herself for the confrontation.


"Then I Will help you dress properly." He says smiling at her. Pulling out his pocket knife, he flicks it open. "Now don't move, I don't want to hurt least not yet?" He smiles as she watches his motions, her eyes wide with fright and arousal.

He pulled the bottom of her blouse out of her skirt and away from her body. He slipped the sharp blade into the shirt and slide it up, cutting off each button, one at a time. He loved the way she flinched each time a button landed on the hard wood floors with a clatter.

Once the last button announced it lost its battle with gravity, he let go of the blouse letting it hang open still covering her breasts. Rick then picked up her arm and slide the knife into the left arm at the wrist. He quickly cut the material all the way too the collar. Then he repeated this on the right side, letting the destroyed garment fall to the floor, exposing the red satin demi cup bra with black lace trim encasing the wonderful softness of her breasts.

Exhaling at the sexy bra he left that on her as Rick slid the flat of he knife into the waistband of her skirt. He carefully maneuvered it to the seam on the side. Then twisting the knife so the well honed blade sliced the material of the skirt from waistband to hem. The skirt floated to the ground and the material puddled around her calves and knees. The matching french cut panties looked very hot on her trim taut body.

Looking down at his sex toy he says to her "Next time you refuse my command for any reason, you will suffer. Now..." he folds his knife and puts it away. "Greet me as you were taught."


Her eyes widened in horror as he pulled out the knife. He had never used or threatened to use a weapon on her before. She was frightened for her life. It was almost a relief when he started slicing off her $400 Prada Blouse. She could always reattach the buttons that wasn't a big deal. When he sliced the arms and shoulders, she knew the blouse was the most expensive rag she owned.

Sighing in exasperation, she obediently held her tongue when he did the same thing to her $1100 Gucci skirt. Kneeling there in her favorite sexy underwear, the ones she always wore the first time she slept with a guy, she wondered why she put those on instead of something less sexy.

She watched him put the knife away, partially relieved he didn't cut off her Dolce and Gabbana lingerie, partially wondering why he didn't finish getting her nude. Her brain was screaming at her, to get up and run, that he was about to rape and murder her. But her body was frozen in place. This was her master and she was too well trained to disobey him.

She had no more excuses, no way to stall.

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