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College Student has Tryst with Cougar Next Door.

y, "Are you going to give it back?"

Chase chuckled nervously, "Are you going to want it back?" he quipped, attempting to be funny.

"I dunno, maybe," she began, "we can trade for it."

"Ok!" he offered eagerly, "What do you have in mind?"

Her smile twisted, "Oh, I dunno, but I'm sure I can think of something." she said staring pointedly at the bulge growing in his towel and licked her lips. Was she flirting with him? This was better than any fantasy he had come up with.

Carol turned and started walking up the stairs to her bathroom. Chase watched intently as her ass cheeks worked up and down under the kimono. As she climbed up the stairs, he hoped to get a glimpse of her panties, but was surprised when he didn't see any - only then realizing that she wasn't wearing any. His mind started racing a million miles an hour - was she flirting with him? Was she just being polite? What did she mean by trading for it? Was she staring at his bulge?

Soon Carol started back down the stairs; the sway of her heavy breasts held his attention with a vise-like grip. He knew he shouldn't stare but he couldn't tear his eyes away. He could only imagine seeing them, caressing them, licking and sucking the warm flesh and hard nipples. She smiled to herself; he was completely wrapped around her finger.

She reached the bottom of stairs and stood in front of Chase. "Here you go." she smiled slyly. As she handed the bottle to him, it slipped through his hand falling to the floor. He released his grip on the towel to swoop down and try to catch the shampoo before it hit the floor. Carol felt the bottle slip and stooped to pick it up.

Both their hands met on the bottle. Chase saw Carol's hand on the bottle and followed the rich brown flesh of her arm upward. Carol's eyes moved upward and locked onto the rock hard erection within her reach. His eyes moved toward her center and was treated to an unobstructed view down the front of her kimono, her full breasts hanging enticingly less than an arm's length away. He crouched there for several seconds, unable to look away.

Chase had the sudden realization that he was staring at her tits and she would obviously know that he was staring, so he quickly stood up, her hand still over his holding the bottle. "Ah, sorry." he offered weakly, but instead of chastising him, she was still staring at his prized possession.

Without breaking her stare, she said, "Well I know what we can trade for." She released her grip on the bottle and placed it around the throbbing erection. Panic set in as he became aware he was standing buck naked with her hand around his pole.

She tugged gently and turned to walk upstairs. Chase stood there dumbly until she tugged again and started walking. Chase followed like a dog on a leash, too dazed to resist. As she marched up the stairs, she released her grip - it was too awkward to maintain. He continued to follow, entranced by her buttocks swaying seductively in front of his face.

When they reached the landing, she grasped his member again and led him into her room with a king-size waterbed in the middle, the center of focus. He noticed the expensive comforter and pillows arrayed in rows at the head of the bed. Mirrors lined the walls and ceiling. She led him to the bed and instructed him to lie on his back and move to the center of the bed. She laughed as she pried the shampoo bottle from his grip, "You won't be needing that for a while." she quipped.

"Let's play a game, shall we?" she offered playfully.

"Ok." he replied meekly.


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