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Older couple help younger woman through a divorce.

He was a good man. I was secure in our love. If he saw a photo of a woman or painting, I wouldn't care. So why would I care about this?

"Nah," I said. "He's a good man, and you are beautiful. Let him have his thrill."

She laughed and said, "As if being out with the 2 of us isn't enough of a thrill."

We were chatting and laughing as my husband came down dressed for dinner. He looked good. Whatever cologne he was wearing smelled good.

We got in the car. Alison climbed in the middle seat in the back so she could chat with us more easily. If I turned around to look at her I was looking right up her dress. I doubted my husband had the same view.

We parked, and ever the gentleman, my husband opened the doors and help us out of the car. Alison's dress slid halfway up her ass. She quickly pulled it down and apologized.

My husband said, "No worries. You look great."

We headed into the restaurant. We had reservations and they sat us almost immediately. We had a corner booth where each wall had a bench. My husband slid into the corner. I slid in from the other side next to him. Amy slid in on the other side of my husband. Boy girl seating is not unusual in restaurants. I only noticed because at home she usually sat next to me.

We had a great dinner laughing and talking. Alison told us she found a great place, but it was not available for 4 weeks. She said she might be able to move in with a work friend till then. We told her that was silly and she was welcome to stay with us. She thanked us for being so kind and good to her.

At some point in the conversation I whispered to my husband, "How far has that dress slid up."

He whispered back, "She's got a cute pussy if that's what you're asking."

I kissed him on the ear and said, "Pig."

He laughed.

We paid the bill and headed home. It had been a fun evening. My husband and I headed to our room. I started to unzip my dress.

My husband said, 'Stop."

"Stop?" I asked. "Why?"

"I've been looking at pussy all night long, but it's not the pussy I love. I want that one."

Mmmmmmm, I liked that. I knew he was mine. It's nice when he tells you. However I was having fun still.

"Oh, so another woman gets you all hot and bothered and you think you'll settle for me to satisfy your lust?"

He smiled. "Pull that dress up," he said.

Pulling it up my thighs a little. "Like this," I teased.

"Pull it up," he said.

I pulled it up over my panties. I gave him a pouty look and said, "But I'm wearing panties."

"Get them off," he said.

I grabbed the sides and slowly pushed them down over my hips. Now he was looking at my bare pussy.

"Is this what you want," I teased.

"Close." He said.

He led me to the bed and lightly pushed me on it face down.

"Show me that ass," he said.

Face down on the bed I got on my knees and raised my ass.

"But I thought you wanted pussy," I said in a pouty voice.

"I do," he said. "I can see it from here."

He certainly could. He got down on his knees and started eating my pussy. If he couldn't see what he was doing he could certainly feel his way around. His tongue felt so good. I was instantly wet.

"God you taste good," he said.

I was close to coming. His tongue was keeping me on edge. As I neared my orgasm. I picture of Alison's cute pussy flashed in front of me.

I don't know why, but I said, "Do you think it tastes better than Alison's?"

As I asked it I pushed my pussy full in his face. With his tongue on my clit I came. Hard. While I came I was picturing Alison's pussy.

Now he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I love his cock. It's bigger than average but not crazy big. He got behind me. My head still on the bed. My ass up in the air. I was so wet he slid right into me. As soon as I felt him fill me up completely, I came again.

He started fucking me hard. Long hard jackhammer strokes. Each one drove my face into the bed. I grunted with each stroke. As he pulled back my body was yelling for him to shove it back in me. I was loving it.

"So seeing Alison's pussy gets you this excited," I panted.

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