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Rosanna takes a wild ride.

"You turn away from love that is right there in front of you. You are the blind one. You need solace." She finished, turned her shopping cart around and shambled off down the waterfront.

Rosanna sat stunned and speechless. How could she know? That was a lucky guess. She doesn't even know me. She felt a shiver crawl up her spine and her stomach lurched. How eerie! What she had said was that I need solace. She meant comfort. Didn't she? Well, she's right. I do need solace, but not... She interrupted that thought. Well, she might not be able to make up her mind about the women in her life, but she did know one thing-she was starved. She reached in her fanny pack for her cell phone and pressed the speed dial number for her mother. Carla picked up on the third ring.

"Rosanna?" Carla could see Rosanna's name on her caller ID.

"Ma, can I come over for dinner?" asked Rosanna praying that her mother was not going to a show or something.

"Sure, if you don't mind leftovers. I made some arroz con pollo yesterday. I think it's still good." Carla answered. Her culinary skills were not up to her mother's but she and Rosita had not starved.

"Great. I'll see you in about an hour." Rosanna exclaimed.

"An hour? Where are you?" Carla asked in surprise because she knew Rosanna was only a short bus ride away.

"I'm down at the Seaport. I rode my bike down here." Rosanna replied, shouting a bit as a large boat passed, its loud horn sounding in short blasts.

"Oh, for heaven's sake, Rosita. Well, be careful!" Carla yelled back.

"I will, mamma. Bye." Rosanna ended the call and hopped onto her bike. As she began to pedal, her right knee began to throb. Deciding that it would not be wise to push it, she rode to the nearest subway station, went down the stairs and jumped on a train headed north. As she stood in the subway car, one hand holding on to her bike the other a pole, the train suddenly lurched to a stop and the lights went out. Rosanna huffed her impatience. I thought these trains were new. Why are they having troubles? The conductor made an announcement that the train would be running as soon as they had the all-clear from the dispatcher. In the meantime, passengers were advised to hold tight to their belongings and try to stay calm.

All around Rosanna, people were muttering to themselves and talking to total strangers about the awful service and the escalating prices. Rosanna felt beads of perspiration form on her hair line and upper lip because without lights, there was, of course, no air conditioner. Even though it was spring, the cars could become extremely stuffy. She wiped her forehead and reached into her bag for the water which she always carried. She also had one of those awful nutritional candy bars. She was not crazy about the taste, but she kept her bag stocked with them for energy. She could barely see two feet in front of her and the lights in the tunnel only cast a dim glow.

As she lifted the bottle of water to her lips, she felt a hand tugging at the handlebars of her bicycle. She dropped the water bottle and began a tug of war with the unseen would-be thief. As they were quite near her, she could smell the alcohol on their breath. Rosanna could not see whether it was a man or a woman, but they were doing their damndest to wrench her bicycle from her hands. She had what she thought was a brilliant idea. She let go of the bike, located the fingers of the individual with the vice-like grip, and bent one back to the knuckle. She heard the satisfying crack of bone as a piercing feminine shriek tore from the assailant's throat. Other passengers screamed in fright, unaware of what was taking place right near them.

"Fucking Bitch! Shit!" came the loud, angry reply from the injured party. The hold on Rosanna's bike was released and was followed by a punch to her face, which left her with a split lip and bleeding nose. With that she pushed passed Rosanna and into another subway car.

All this occurred in the near pitch blackness.

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