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Submissive journey on vacation continues.

There was a wave in it and looked sexy blowing in the sea breeze. She had large breasts which were obviously unencumbered as as they stopped a few feet from them, Lori noticed a self assured style and pretty green eyes. Though she would look in place at a school meeting Lori guessed she was Tich, the dominate one. Her guess was made easier because the other girl was wearing a collar and her nose was pierced.

The 'pet' looked a little younger and was dressed in Goth attire. Her hair was short and jet black with a red streak through one side. She wore the black collar, a black sweat shirt, black jeans and black Doc Marten's boots. Her nails were painted black also. Her skin was pale, even more so because of her dress. She didn't look up and stayed a few feet behind Tich.

"Hello Ian, I am glad we ran into you. Is this your slut from America?"

"Yes, and her husband Tom. I have been giving them the tour of our little city by the sea."

"We are just out by the breakers and it is quite deserted today. Shall we take our pets for a walk?"

"I'd love to, slut walk along side Snake and Tom you can follow us."

They started to walk and Lori fell into place next to the girl called Snake. Ian and Tich caught up on news and such and essentially ignored the other three. After about thirty minutes they came upon a stretch of beach that was fenced and Lori noticed a warning sign stating it was a 'clothing optional beach'.

Ian spoke, "Brighton beach had the first nude beach in all of England, well the first city approved. Mostly it is used by the gay men in the area but today I imagine it is pretty quiet what with the time and the chilly weather. Tom hand me the canvas bag."

Ian grabbed the bag he had brought and pulled out the beach blanket, which he gave to Tom to hold. Next he pulled out the collar and leash from last night. With a smile on his face he looked at Lori.

"Strip, everything but the shoes and of course the plug."

Tich looked at her pet and without speaking just nodded her head slightly. Without hesitation the girl began to disrobe. Lori felt the excitement grow and started to undress even in spite of the cold. Ian told Tom to collect all their clothes and put them in the bag.

Lori looked up after removing her pants and saw the other girl naked. She now knew why the name 'Snake'. Starting from her bald pussy, which had at least four rings through the lips, was the tail of a snake. The tail actually appeared to be coming from between her pussy lips and wrapped around her hip going , Lori guessed behind her back and it reappeared again under the girl's armpit with its head on her opposite breast. The eye of the snake was centered on her nipple which sported a gold ring.

The colors were brilliant reds, greens and yellows all contrasting against her pale skin. It must have taken days or months to complete. Lori could only imagine the pain she must have felt.

Tich noticed Lori and Tom staring at the tattoo and as she pulled a leash from her purse and attached it to the collar she spoke to them for the first time.

"When my pet and I decided on our relationship we decided to rename her. I have always liked snakes and thought she should be adorned with one. When she is at work, or visiting her parents, she is still Beth, but all other times she is my Snake. Aren't you dear?" Tich emphasized her control by tugging downward on the leash until the girl was kneeling in front of her.

"I see someone took the switch to the sluts bottom. It doesn't look like you work Ian. Very sloppy."

"Yes, it was Tad. The bird sassed Tad and generally pissed him off. She is lucky it wasn't much worse. Come here slut." Lori approached Ian, her body covered with goose bumps from the cold, and stood as he placed the collar and leash.

"Let's walk shall we?" he stated.

It must have been a sight for the few people on the beach.

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