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Mary Marvel needs help dealing with Mr. Mxyzptlk.

"I need to fight Mr. M..." He called out. "I'm sorry, what was your name again?"

"Mr. Mxyzptlk!" The voice called out again.

Tommy turned back to Mary. "I need to fight Mr. Mxyzp... this thing," He said. "You need to get to safety."

The girl shook her head. "I can help!"

Tommy looked at her cockeyed. "No offense, miss, but you better leave this to the superhero."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you!" The girl said loudly. Tommy shushed her. "I'm Mary Marvel."

Tommy was going to shush her again when the name Mary Marvel suddenly clicked in his head. He looked in astonishment at the girl.

"You're Mary Marvel?" He asked in disbelief. He had seen Mary Marvel in Batman's files. "But Mary Marvel is... and you're..."

The girl wasn't listening. "SHAZAM!" She yelled out. A great bolt of lightning hit her and Tommy was blinded. As his eyes gradually came back to him, he was able to see Mary Marvel through the smoke.

"Oh no," He muttered to himself. His dick started to rise.

The previously prim, demure young woman had transformed into a bombshell. Her brown hair was down around her shoulder in long curls and her glasses were removed. She had bright green eyes, and for the first time, Tommy noticed her full, pouty lips. Instead of her frumpy attire Mary wore a form-fitting red frock, held tight to her with a belt. The frock was incredibly short and it seemed to sway dangerously high as Mary moved. She had a golden lightning bolt between her ample breasts that was heavier than the rest of the material; it depressed the area, making her breasts stand out even more. A thin white cape hung from her back, it just as short as her frock.

"We must fight this creature, Batman!" Mary called out. She looked over at Tommy. "...Batman?"

Tommy blinked quickly and tried to regain his composure. "Uh, right. Should I, uh, try to scare you now?"

The voice interrupted. "Why are you going to scare her? I said to turn her face white!"

"Isn't that what you meant?" Mary responded. "Turning someone's face white means scaring them."

"No no no!" The voice said angrily. "I didn't mean scare at all. This is what I meant!"

There seemed to be a flash and Tommy's eyes were blinded for a moment. When the flash was gone he could see clearly but Mary Marvel was gone. He looked around but couldn't find her anywhere. Then, from below him, he heard her speak.

"Oh, Batman!"

Tommy glanced down and saw Mary Marvel on her knees in front of him. Also in front of him: his exposed cock, now fully erect and standing high at attention. Mary was staring at it with a mix of horror and fascination, her mouth dangerously close to it. Tommy's suit pants were down at his ankles.

"Well, I guess we know how to turn your face white," Tommy said.

Mary licked her lips and blushed severely. "But I can't... can I?" She asked softly. She looked up at Tommy with her bright green eyes, asking him for guidance. He looked down at her and sighed.

'Sorry, Dinah,' He thought to himself.

He reached out with his hand and placed it on the back of Mary Marvel's head. She let him bring her head close to his dick and opened her mouth. The head of Tommy's dick touched her lips and Mary opened her eyes wide as she realized just how big it was. She stretched her mouth open, her tongue sticking out slightly, as Tommy's dick slowly disappeared inside her mouth.

"Mmmmphhmmm!" Mary moaned onto Tommy's dick. It was large in the 18 year-old's mouth and she breathed harshly on it. She began to bob on it tentatively while she began to stroke it with a hand. Each thrust with her mouth was shallow, only barely going past the base of Tommy's head. Her eyes were wide and she looked up at Tommy as she sucked his dick. He found himself having to look away from her or else he might cum.

"Is that good?" Mary asked him, pulling his dick out of her mouth while still tugging on it. She was asking him earnestly; she really wanted to make him happy.

"Maybe put a little spit on my dick while you jerk it," Tommy told her. He could feel his cock chafing as she tugged it roughly.


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